DNF Duel (PS4)

Competitors this past Friday competed for a total prize of $725! These are Weekly till August 1st!

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Congratulations to MegaDosage for taking it with Dragon Knight!

Check out this clip from the tournament of his nasty setups!

14,500 $FCD ($500) from FreshCut

$125 from Tonamel

Top 5

🥇 Megadosage (Dragon Knight ) $80 worth of $FCD + $10 Gift Card to any platform

🥈 SilverSandbag (Inquisitor) $70 worth of $FCD + Community Social Feature

🥉 Okskemey (Ranger) $50 worth of $FCD

4⃣ god of mash (Grappler) $25 worth of $FCD

5⃣ preroc (Grappler) $25 worth of $FCD

Everyone in the top 5 gets a $25 bonus from Tonamel.

All of the matches were sick! We got to see a variety of high level play! Dragon Knight, Ghost Blade, Ranger, Grappler, Inquisitor, Crusader and more!

Thank you to FreshCut & Tonamel for sponsoring the tournament!

If you want to participate register an account on both sites.

See you next week for next Friday’s Flawless Victory!

Giveaway Winners ($25 each)
wake live
flame mdq

Make sure to download the app and sign up on FreshCut and join the FreshCut Discord to set up your wallet and claim your $FCD prize. If you need help create a support ticket in the #freshcut-support channel.