Perfect Legend

4x Fighting Game World Champion, Author, Coach, Streamer, Tournament Organizer. Perfect Legend

Twitch Stream

Carl “Perfect Legend” White streams his gameplay frequently every night and sometimes during the day. Staying in practice for and trying out new fighting games.

Currently maining: Waiting for Street Fighter 6 & Tekken 8.

Make sure to follow by clicking here and hitting the follow button. Also, follow him on Twitter for updates on when he will be streaming!

Stream Plans

Streaming 2-4 hours a day after midnight eastern standard time.

This consist of training mode learning the ins and outs of every character and their variations or long sets with sparring partners.

In tournament you need to be in practice and know everything to decrease the chances of being caught off guard by a future opponent.

You’ll see first hand how to learn fighting games and this process teaches you how to use the tools needed so you never have to rely on anyone but yourself to become successful in a fighting game.

The main goal here is to not only be a Master of the game myself but its for my viewers to be able to tune into my channel and improve from watching and playing with me.

How to play with me :

1. Find me in Ranked Match
2. Join my King of the Hill lobby
3. Set up a private session with me

4. Become a Regular or Subscribe to the Channel.

Special Benefits for Subscribers

– No Ads!

– Weekly Private Strategy Updates

Song Request on Nightbot (No longer available due to DMCA)

– Subscriber Exclusive Emotes! Currently have 6!

– Exclusive Subscriber Only Monthly Giveaways

– Play with me in subscriber only King of the Hill

– Have priority spots in Open King of the Hill

Question and Answers
Q: What do I do when the King of the Hill fills up?
A: Subscribers to my twitch channel get priority slots in King of the Hill

Q: I’m subscribed and the King of the Hill is filled with Subscribers. When is it my turn?
A: You will have to wait for a subscriber to leave to enter. It is currently first come first serve.

Q: What if a subscriber doesn’t leave and I don’t get to play?
A: Eventually a subscriber will leave. If not then you could always set up a private session.

I will of course play a lot of online games as well in Ranked and in King of the Hill Lobbies.

Subscribers get priority slots in all Open Lobbies.

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