I am having a blast playing DNF Duel.

Uploading my rank matches daily make sure you follow.

Below I share with you my first time playing Ranked and part 1 of the first Long set I have played on the full release with TrapHustla using Kunoichi. I only use Crusader. Amen.

They allow you to pick if you want to start in a lower or higher rank tier. I chose the highest tier available.

The game is without any matchmaking or loading issues. You can get right into fighting as soon as you turn the game on. In queue you are fed so many matches that you might want to take a break faster than usual. This is all fighting game players ever want. To play a consistent frequency of matches.

You can look forward to daily uploads throughout the week.


3/16 have entered so far. This tournament is a top 5 prize payout of 7,250 $FCD aka $250.

FreshCut is also giving $250 to the chat + $ for best clip!! Yes this is real.

Enter the tournament & follow the stream.