On Twitter @DNFDuel announced they are currently working on fixing bugs that cause gameplay problems, such as network instability, infinite combos, and keyboard settings.

No mention of “Balancing” in their update so FGC its time to adapt and stop overreacting.

If you aren’t familiar with the fighting game community (FGC) twitter but since the release of Dnf Duel a lot opinions from people in the scene including pros all fanning the flames that it’s broken despite not knowing everything in the game or how to challenge it all.

I took it upon myself to remind them off darker times:

Here is J360 the best MVC2 Ironman player in the world landing 1 hit and killing with an infinite combo.

Marvel vs Capcom 2 Released in 2000
  • “But why didn’t they block?” The jump fierce guard breaks you and lets him confirm into a infinite combo.
  • “But why didn’t he challenge?” You can’t. If your character gets KO’ed or snapped out they have to hope the opponent messes up.
  • None of this is escapable. Your options are to not get put in the situation.

Here is Shujinkydink one of the best Quan Chi players hitting me with Quan Chi’s Trance Vortex.

“Vortex is a set up that allows for continuous offense that is only escapable by the user messing up”

Mortal Kombat X Released in 2015
  • If you block successfully its still not your turn. He keeps advantage to go for more ambiguous offense.
  • If you get hit then he puts you into the same situation while taking damage until you are K.Oed.

Shout out to Compton and Godspeed for the commentary

Mortal Kombat XL released 2016 as an update & expansion pack to Mortal Kombat X
  • Same as Quan Chi but with a layer of smoke that makes it harder to see the animations.
  • TriBorg (Smoke) gets all of this after winning footsies with some of the best normals in the game.
  • Like in MVC2 your best option is to not be in the situation altogether.

The team behind DNF Duel also made a lot of favorite fighting games.


Don’t call one thing broken then praise the other. Let’s be happy and play Dnf Duel together.

I don’t see any instant guard break situations, easy to set up overhead/low or pressure mind games.

You also have Guard Cancel and Dodge to help you with dealing with strategies.

To guard break in DNF Duel you have to drain their meter.

And For those that missed I was promoted to Deity Rank on PS4.

Deity Rank is exclusive to the Top 300 in the World and at the last time of playing I was #8

But here is my Dual Rank when I took a pic at #11.

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