Perfect Legend

4x Fighting Game World Champion, Author, Coach, Streamer, Tournament Organizer. Perfect Legend


Carl “Perfect Legedsc8219nd” White is a four-time fighting game world champion, author, teacher, coach, streamer, commentator, tournament organizer and content creator.

Perfect Legend, based in Toledo, Ohio, is well known in the fighting game community as one of the hardest-working players around. He doesn’t shortchange his opinions, always willing to speak his mind about the latest fighting game news.

Perfect Legend first started entering tournaments at age 17 in 2005. At age 17, he won his first tournament. But it was in 2006 where he won his first world championship in Dead or Alive 4. He would go on to win two more.

He was again on the world stage in 2007, winning the World Cyber Games’ USA championship and eventually taking third in the world finals. His performance helped the United States finished first overall in medal count.

A year later, Perfect Legend reached the international stage once again, appearing on the Championship Gaming Series. He was a member of the Los Angeles CompLexity, helping the squad contend for a USA championship.

Perfect Legend is the only player in Mortal Kombat to make it to top 8 all three years the game had a presence in the Evolution Championship Series. With two world championships done back to back as well as an overall top 8 finish every year solidifies him as the greatest Mortal Kombat player of all time.

Not to be short changed Carl has top finishes in every fighting game he has seriously competed including the Street Fighter series.

Today, Perfect Legend plays a myriad of fighting games. With the upcoming release of Street Fighter 6, Tekken 8 and the eventual Mortal Kombat 12. Perfect Legend is looking to continue his success while teaching players how to play at a high level via his many resources to improve such as his eBook, 1on1 sessions, teaching classes and showcasing game play videos on demand through youtube and live on twitch.

He’s been featured on IGN, DirecTV, Spike TV and G4TV.

Picture by Kara Leung – Karaface Photography

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  1. Hey man, your kung Lao is insane. That’s my go to character and I’m ruthless with him. Not on your level though lol. Any tips????

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