More have spoken out for Arturo. KingHippo recently posted in his blog a very detailed layout of everything that happened cross referencing from multiple angles. You can read it all here

Fanatiq provides an update to address Arturo’s words from his initial stream when Matcherino made the tweet presenting the people with the accusations that Arturo mishandled funding. What Arturo said on the stream has been the hot topic of this situation. Despite clearing his name with receipts of the many other accusations, this is what stood out the most for everyone. The video is below.

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With all that said I think Arturo should get an apology and be released from the tournament bans.

A comment from Fanatiq’s video:

Arturo has a lot of time and energy in pushing the scene forward. One of the few ahead of the curve doing the legwork for streaming, crowdfunding and PC optimizations. All to better the experience for the players. We wouldn’t have developers taking note to make the changes to improve the competitive environment. Shout out to Capcom for changing the competitive standard to PC. Below is their most recent announcement for Capcom Cup and the LCQ.

This is a result of the efforts of Arturo and everyone working with him. He deserves to be thanked and held in high regard.

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The intention here is not to rule out console. Improvements have been made and are continuously being worked on like adding input reduction to the PS5/XboxSeries and allowing 120hz. This makes the games closer to PC’s environment. And with cross play we have the options to play on any platform in good conditions. Online events will get even more of a boost with the infrastructure in place for netplay.

New Street Fighter 6 Gameplay Footage. We got Blanka vs JP.

Watch this special developer match between Blanka and JP in the Ranger’s Hut stage. ⚡ 😼

Blanka rampages into the fight with aggressive maneuvers while JP controls the stage with unique zoning tools at his disposal.

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JP’s zoning is crazy. His range and the set ups he can do to create mind games to make you think he will teleport or not will be tricky to deal with.

Blanka looks like a good mix of every version from previous Street Fighter games. He can perform his SFV V trigger when he does his lvl 2 super. Old blanka tricks still work like whiffing ball and going for grab. It will be especially effective against players that try to parry to deal with ball.

Samurai Showdown Rollback its on its way!

The test begins on my birthday which is also the day EVO is announcing its 2023 game line up.

I look forward to finally getting matches in with people. If you are looking for games join the discord.

The Steam rollback community beta test will take place from Feb 10th to the 17th (JST)!

All DLC characters can be used, so hop on and play if you own a copy of SAMURAI SHODOWN!

#SNK #SamSho

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