NEW Street Fighter 6 footage. Marisa vs Manon!

We got some hot new footage from CAPCOM of Marisa vs Manon, Dee Jay vs Dhalsim. This footage appears to be a lot more high level than we have seen in previous character showcases. Both characters look sick but I’m taking a liking to Marisa more. Can’t wait to try her out! Dhalsim is going to be my guy along with Akuma though 🙂

“Watch this special developer match between Marisa and Manon in the Fête Foraine stage. 🦁 🩰

Marisa unleashes powerful strikes to advance towards the opponent while Manon specializes in graceful grappling to even the odds.

Originally tweeted by Street Fighter (@StreetFighter) on January 24, 2023.

Dee Jay vs Dhalsim!!! I started using Sim in SFV to get used to him for 6 and its good to see a lot of what he does is here 🙂

Watch this special developer match between Dee Jay and Dhalsim in the Bathers Beach stage. 🎧 🔥

Dee Jay relies on tricky set-ups to keep his opponent guessing while Dhalsim is the fiery zoner you know and love, right?

Originally tweeted by Street Fighter (@StreetFighter) on January 25, 2023.

Mortal Kombat 12 Wishlist

Please no more variations!

Some act like variations bring variety but everyone picks the same optimal version of every character just like we said they would when they announced custom variations.

Then they end up having too much to balance and we have a incomplete game with special moves that are useless while Jacqui gets to do + on block damage over time, area of effect air fireballs into pressure or combo.

You wouldn’t think about the Variation system if it was never implemented. The reason they did it was to give you more options to use for matchups. But it backfired and was mostly useless while fragmenting your move list. Just scrap it.

I speak more in depth about my MK12 Wishlist in the video below.

Practice your Bread and Butter combos.

I personally recommend to go for the combos that you know will work every time. Be able to perform them 9/10 times and make sure it gives you consistent damage + positioning.

You can still have the higher damage/cool option for when you are feeling confident/want to have fun etc.but for the serious business go for the old faithful.

Spoke to TVFGC about the hate I get in the FGC. GREAT TALKS!

The content creator space is a challenge.

And they can decide what doesn’t get seen. This isn’t exclusive to TikTok either. They all do it.

I’m glad we have more than the options available for content.

With that said please follow me on Freshcut here: for Daily gameplay uploads.

You won’t have to worry about an algorithm stopping you from seeing my content here.

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I know you’re itching to get better with all the new fighting game updates and titles releasing.

It’s never too late to level up.

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