Fighting game players (new & old) shares similar issues

Here are 10 #fgc bad habits to leave in 2023

1. Not practicing vs the game’s characters & strategies.

It’s okay to only use one character/strategy but don’t let that stop you from studying the rest of the game.

2. Not learning from mistakes or analyzing your losses.

It’s okay to lose but figure out why you are losing so you can be better prepared for the next round/match.

Adjustments can happen in literally 1 second.

3. Not staying calm and making rash decisions in the heat of the moment.

Letting yourself get tilted and trying to get your lick back too fast can cause you to over-extend and lose.

Stay present for opportunities that give a clear win path.

4. Not paying attention to your positioning on the stage.

Even with the longest-reaching move available you still need to be within the proper spacing to make it work.

Always keep an eye on where you are to make the best usage of your toolset.

5. Not utilizing your full moveset and combo potential.

Most of your moves are useful as long as you use the move for the scenario its best in.

Don’t slack on combos. You don’t need to do the hardest combo for max damage but you want to be able to maintain advantage at the end.

6. Not paying attention to your opponent’s habits or tendencies.

You probably get upset when your opponents seem to be doing whatever they want. Instead of focusing on the counter strat they allow the opponent to throw them off their gameplan.

Read them and stay ready to counter.

7. Not paying attention to the timer.

If this is you need to work this into your game.

The clock is just as important as your hp, meter and can affect the outcome of matches.

8. Not being aware of your own habits that the opponent may exploit.

To not fall into them you have to play a freestyle game by not always going with the flow of the match.

Make yourself not respond with the same option in obvious timings so you can throw them off.

9. Not adapting to your opponent’s playstyle.

Bad matchups exist yes but the player vs player interactions where you have to intercept normals, jumps, and whiff punish them for missing an attack?

That is on you to challenge them.

10. Not having fun.

While it’s important to take the game seriously, it’s also important to remember to have fun!

If you’re not enjoying yourself, it may be time to take a break or try something else.

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