DNF Duel Grand Balance Patch Update is here!

Patch notes here: https://dd.nexon.com/en/patchnote?note=11

I will play and see how much the changes effect the game. They seemed to have buffed roll and guard cancel O_O

The player base was turned off due to the easy mode set play and over the top neutral.

What is set play? “SetPlay” refers to a specific strategy or tactic that a player uses to control the flow of a match, gain and continue an advantage over their opponent. Setplay can involve a variety of different techniques, frame traps, mix-ups, and combos among others. The goal of setplay is to remove the opponent’s ability to play and to force them to take endless looping pressure to keep control of the match. Setplay can look impressive but it is actually a lazy way to win in fighting games and only works when the design of the game allows for it. It doesn’t require much outside of knowing the correct sequence to repeat over and over. It totally changes the match into a one player game. Taking away the chance of winning and forcing you to watch until your character is KO’ed.

This combo Crusader was posted. From this alone I will guess and say they have made it to where every character in the game can do this damage when they awaken. DNF Duel is now a comeback mechanic touch of death game. If this is your cup of tea then I welcome you to play. Great netcode and a lot of fun characters.

“You thought you were gonna win? Balance lookin real fun. #DNFDuel

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New Manon vs Deejay and JP vs Marisa Gameplay in Street Fighter 6!

My takeaway from this video is machine gun upper does a lot of damage lol.
JP looks cool. I definitely can see him being a strong zoner and Marisa’s win pose is hilarious.

Here is the start of my match uploads from the Street Fighter 6 2nd Closed Beta.

A set vs the 2016 Capcom Cup World Champion, NuckleDu! Check out the match below.

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