The Street Fighter 6 Beta took place over the weekend and so much happened

From tournament blow ups, salt, hot takes and more.

Got a lot of dope matches in with players in Ranked and on Battle Hub set ups.

So many players had developed strategies and with what seems to be optimal combos and set ups.

Nonetheless it didn’t stop me from ranking up. In the 1st beta I found out about it late so I didn’t get to play in it. I wanted to hit Master but didn’t have enough time as I was also playing friends and viewers in sets. Got to get around to the homies too!

I gave my thoughts on twitter how I felt Ken was in the beta. I think he is good but I felt he was the worst character in this build of the game.

People unfortunately were unable to separate “The Worst” and “Not Good”. These mean totally different things. You can still be good but the worst option. However people don’t want to accept that because of how Chris T is winning.

No it can’t be that he is actually a great player and out playing everyone. NO it has to be the character right? Chris T is a very strong Ken user and has been since the Street Fighter 4 era. He just got 2nd at CEO in Street Fighter 5 not too long ago and he has trained with a couple of japans champions including Momochi.

Again me saying Ken has is the worst and pointing out his frame data being an indicator does not mean he’s not good or can’t win. Just with the tools available in the current version of the game and how he can capitalize from them…the rest of the cast in the beta has an easier time pulling it off. I determined this by not just playing matches but reading and testing the ingame frame data. I demonstrate and detail the data in the video below:

For the uninformed this isn’t my first rodeo with competitive Street Fighter.

I heavily played Super Street Fighter 4 which landed me a 3rd place in EVO Online 2010 among other locals, regionals and major wins for the game.

Chris T won every tournament with straight up fundamentals & skill using Ken. Don’t let salty players tell you otherwise.

  • Tampa Never Sleeps

Full archive of the tournament.

  • Street Fighter 6 Pizza Party

Congrats to @Chris_Tatarian for winning the #SF6 Pizza Party – Presented by @AMDGaming and @Quest2Conquer


1) @Chris_Tatarian
2) @GrahamWolfe1
3) @Uyuu_Uyuu_Pop
4) @ElderGoose1
5) @jontoy
5) @_Crosscut
7) @BurkishMan

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  • Street Fighter 6 Beta Beatdown

Street Fighter 6 Light chain science

In SF6, Light chains have gaps on block, usually 1-4F. This means you can challenge them with things like Parry / Drive Impact / Reversals / Supers / your own 4F.
Chain start-up displays as recovery on the frame counter is because you get Punish Counter for punishing/trading them.

This further exposes Ken being the worst cause all of his jabs are -1 too and he doesn’t have any plus frames outside of his new f,d,f Heavy Kick special move. Each light chain you perform can be challenged in some way. This forces Ken to always go on the defensive when the opponent blocks something and any pressure he goes for is a sourced from brave hard reads.

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I didn’t see too many Chun Li players.

Foxy Grampa was putting in work during the beta with her. Check out his video upload.

Chun Li was criminally underplayed during SF6 Beta, I think she’s really good though, check out some simple things you could apply in game with her

Originally tweeted by A F0xy Grampa (@AF0xyGrampa) on December 19, 2022.

Guile was strong in the beta. My biggest issue with him is sonic booms appear to hit you earlier than the graphic on the screen. The perfect parry timing vs it was weird and it seemed like even when you guessed right on a boom he still recovered and could anti air you.

It felt impossible to approach Guile. Not to take anything away from Guile players skill cause I think every Guile I fought was super good but it was almost like fighting lvl 8 CPU.

If you didn’t 100% guess right everytime in neutral it was tough. Ken also can’t use hurricane kick to go through sonic boom on a read. He has to get in and trade with sweep, drive impact, invincible attacks or land a standing roundhouse.

Here is another take on Guile by AutoMattock aka Jibbo.

A Brief history of Street Fighter mechanics & thoughts from a fellow OG/.

I agree but I cannot respect the hold your hand comeback mechanics that you only gain from losing.

I’m glad they don’t exist in Street Fighter 6. Yes getting the low HP animation on your level 3 can be seen as a comeback mechanic but I don’t have any beef with that. You still have to manually land the super on your own the same way.

I personally do not mind parries, custom combos, focus attack, ultras or drive impact because they are not auto wins.

The bad part about V Trigger is how it forces and give you free turns allowing you to build up their stun to potentially KO.

And the turns were free as long as you were doing the correct option for a while until they added V-Shift to combat that.

Basically you will almost beat someone but also build up their V Trigger. They guess right a few times and put you in the same situation but their V Trigger hasn’t worn out so they are still the super version of themselves and you are close to stun. One mix up left a grab or strike and boom you have birds flying around your head into K.O lol.

In fighting games turns are everything. When you get a free turn and pressure from the game flow then add the SFV stun it gets silly.

If there was no stun in SFV I don’t think people would complain about V-Trigger as much but the combination of getting turn robbed vs a super version of your opponents character and then stunned was too much. And this leads into the next topic….

Throws loops.

Throw loops were a key offense in Street Fighter 5. If a character didn’t have them their offensive power wasn’t as strong as one with. Throws in Street Fighter 4 were brutal for a long time.

Street Fighter 6 handles throws a little differently. There is a bigger throw tech window and the stun gauge is no longer present.

This means you can opt to take more throws without fear of dying for the next one unless your HP is that low.

Infilament tweeted a nice thread about throw history in Street Fighter.

You can check out the rest on twitter but here are a few snippets.

New Character Showcase incoming from Capcom (Deejay, Manon, Marisa, JP)

And just like that right after the beta we are getting a character showcase. Capcom has been hooking us up with so much dope content. Shout out to them and the developers for giving us a lot to look forward to!

I am uploading my Street Fighter 6 Closed Beta clips to FreshCut and the full VODs to Youtube. Live recorded on Twitch. Please follow:

Here is a teaser.

Drive Impact is a Skill Check.

Special Thanks, shout out and thank you to Reebok, Footlocker, Footlocker Canada, Champs Sports & Street Fighter for sending me the Champion Edition #StreetFighter Reeboks!

Until June 2nd I’ll be playing other games to hold me over until we can all meet again in the Battle Hub.

Thank you for reading! Have a good one.