10 Fighting Game Skills & How to Train Them #fgc

  • Footsies: The art of positioning yourself to attack at the right range & timing.

Practice positioning and moving against different characters and playstyles.

Pay attention to the ranges at which different moves are effective. Learn/practice how to control the space.

  • Movement: The ability to move around the stage effectively and efficiently.

Practice moving around and getting used to the digital weight of the game and your character. Pay attention to how you can use dashes, hops, and other movement options to get in and out of range.

  • Challenging: Anticipating and defending against moving attacks whether on the ground or in the air.

Be ready to use your best “challenge” button while waiting for the right timing and positioning of your opponent’s maneuvers to react appropriately.

Tighten up and don’t miss

  • Okizeme: Positioning yourself to apply pressure after knocking an opponent down.

Practice being in position after a knockdown and the options available to you. Cycle through the options consistently so you get the flow down for a real match. And don’t overextend your offense.

  • Mix-ups: Using ambiguous attacks and movements to keep the opponent guessing and disrupt their defense.

Practice manual play don’t autopilot. Pay attention to their reactions to you and try to anticipate their defenses. Go for different options to confuse their guard choice.

  • Spacing: Maintaining the optimal distance from your opponent to maximize your advantage.

Get into your character’s optimal attack distance vs your opponents.

Learn & pay attention to the ranges at which different moves are effective and try to position yourself accordingly.

  • Conditioning: Manipulating the opponent’s behavior.

Practice this by using specific tactics and strategies to cause the opponent to react a certain way.

Everyone is different so pay attention to what they do and try to anticipate their responses. Be ready to counter.

  • Defense: Defending against attacks to minimize damage taken.

Get accustomed to the game rosters attack arsenal. You need to know what is coming to defend properly.

Pay attention to their attack patterns and hit levels while you try to anticipate moves. Be ready for throws.

  • Mind games: Psychological tactics to throw off your focus and disrupt the strategy.

Maintain a presence of mind and be ready to counter anything. Stay Solid.

Weird customization? Trash talk? Teabags? Ignore it.

Don’t fall for their antics. Make them fight you.

  • Recovery: Getting back up to a safe position after being knocked down.

Pay attention to your recovery animation & the opponent’s positioning. Try to anticipate their follow-up attacks while looking for throws.

If their timing is off they can miss and give you an opportunity.

Getting good at fighting games (or anything) can be a challenge when you don’t know what to do.

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