We got a lot of fighting game info! 2023 is looking to be the year of fighting games!

Dragon Ball FighterZ, Guilty Gear Strive, DNF Duel, The King of Fighters XV and Samurai Shodown are all getting quality of life updates, DLC, rollback and a couple of games are getting cross play in the very near future!

  • Dragon Ball FighterZ is getting Rollback. Crossing my fingers for Cross Play!
  • Guilty Gear Strive is getting Cross Play and DLC.
  • DNF Duel a huge quality of life balance update and DLC.
  • The King of Fighters XV is getting DLC, Balance updates and Cross play
  • Samurai Shodown is getting Rollback and I think DLC not sure.

Congratulations to all the nominees for The Game Awards Fighting Game of the Year !

WINNER: MultiVersus

MultiVersus took the win for Fighting Game of the Year! Congratulations to Player 1st games!

They’ve done an incredible job with ongoing feedback and the updates polishing the game. Well deserved.

The future is great for the MVPS!

Sickest play of any #multiversus match I’ve seen. @LieInWake @freshcut

Street Fighter 6 gameplay video of World Tour mode & 4 character fighter intros!

“Your Moment. Your Fight.

#StreetFighter6 hits the streets on June 2, 2023!

Watch the trailer featuring glimpses of World Tour and gameplay introductions for Dee Jay, Manon, Marisa, and JP.”

Originally tweeted by Street Fighter (@StreetFighter) on December 9, 2022.

World tour mode looks crazy!!! Roaming around getting into fights. Calling the main cast in for help. Learning and leveling up your character over time. AND THE MINI GAMES?!! I will say it again. 2023 Game of the Year candidate right here.

Street Fighter 6 Pre-Order Bonuses!

“Warm up with reds and cool down with blues.

Get Color 10 for Chun-Li, Jamie, Manon, Dee Jay, Juri, and Ken’s Outfit 1 when you pre-order #StreetFighter6.”

🌎🥊 Pre-Order Now

Originally tweeted by Street Fighter (@StreetFighter) on December 9, 2022.

My favorite color 10 from the Pre-Order Bonus.

I call him COMBO VIDEO KEN. Or you might say Dante from Devil May Cry lol.


Capcom announced that they are developing an Arcade Version of Street Fighter 6!!

It would be nuts to see an arcade revival in the states.

I think it could work actually with all the new LAN centers we have. What do you think?

Originally tweeted by Perfect Legend (@PerfectLegend) on December 9, 2022.

Don’t forget the 2nd Street Fighter 6 Closed Beta Test is around the corner!

“Prepare for Closed Beta Test #2 for #StreetFighter6 from December 16-19 on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam!

👤 8 Characters
🌐 Online Matches
🕹️ Crossplay
🔌 Input Delay Reduction Feature
…and some tweaks!

Click here to Apply for the 2nd Street Fighter 6 Closed Beta!

All Closed Beta Test #1 participants who redeemed their code are automatically invited to join Closed Beta Test #2.

We have increased the number of total spots in order to accommodate for both waves of participants. #StreetFighter6

Invites to Closed Beta Test #2 will be decided through a lottery like last time.

In order to submit your application this time, you’ll need to create a CAPCOM ID and link it to your platform account before December 11 at 6:59AM PST.

Originally tweeted by Street Fighter (@StreetFighter) on December 1, 2022.

I cannot wait to dive back into Street Fighter 6! Since the last beta I took a big break from playing and streaming. Partly due to SF6 being so good I didn’t want to play anything else! I spent a lot of time in the beta using Ken while getting accustomed to the drive gauge system and figuring out combos.

I have created a playlist of full matches for your viewing pleasure on my Youtube

And for the highlight fiends go to my FreshCut to see the clips!


In this beta I will be looking for people to fight in the Battle Hub lobby. Don’t let me catch you sitting down because then its time for you to run the set! In the upcoming beta outside of Ranked match I will be running First to 1s, 2s and 3s ONLY.

You better be ready! Ain’t no long set! If you play me this is what will happen:

  • First to 1 OG Arcade Sets
  • First to 2 Tournament Bracket Sets
  • First to 3 Grand Final Sets

Everyone that talked trash just know you are on the LIST! I ain’t forget! I am coming for YOU!

Can’t hide behind bad netcode and matchmaking anymore. WE ALL CAN GET EXPERIENCE!

And the gameplay is top notch?! AWWWW MAN! What you gonna do when I pull up on you?!

You can watch all the action LIVE December 16-19 on my Twitch. Follow me here

Don’t be a Duck Dodgers. Run the Set! I’ll see you in the Battle Hub!

Do you want an advantage going into the second Street Fighter 6 Beta? You’re in luck!

I’ll give you High Level Street Fighter 6 strategy tips when you sign up to my FREE newsletter HERE.

The tips will be sent out the night before the 2nd Beta goes live (December 15th) so that gives you time to get in there.


Riot Games checked in with us as they did a year ago around this time to let us know how Project L is progressing and their direction for it.

In the video below the Game Director, Shaun “Unconkable” Rivera walks us through Project L’s Gameplay Basics & Tag.

/dev: Gameplay Basics & Tag in Project L

To cap off the year, let’s take a closer look at Project L’s core gameplay: We believe in systems that are deep and flexible, including dynamic movement, impactful buttons, and a whole lot of tag.

FGC folks—we want to hear what you’re working on! Thread your tournaments, programs, and events below to help newer FGC members find places to play.

Originally tweeted by Riot Games (@riotgames) on December 5, 2022.

My biggest takeaways that I look for in fighting games that they showed:

  • MOVEMENT! Every character has their own unique movements to aid in manipulating outside of the universal mechanics.

  • CHARACTER VARIETY! League of Legends has a deep roster they can pull from and the characters they have chosen all embody different character archetypes and that is great for keeping players interested and for matches to not feel the same.

  • COMBOS! As they are demoing combos I am thinking about so many different possibilities of set ups and enders to keep the offense going. And just how cool they look to perform.

  • ANTI AIRS! The first thing I saw was someone jump and get anti aired. All I can say is Satisfaction!

  • AESTHETIC! The colors are bright and vibrant. I mentioned the variety but there is also variety in how sick they look.

  • TAG! I prefer 1v1 games but I def can get down in tag. I played Tekken Tag, Marvel, DBFZ etc and this game gives me the vibes of a combination of all of those. Looking forward to creating wacky set ups and combos. (Happy birthdays also known as hitting more than one character) need to be called ganks!

  • DEFENSE! I mentioned movement earlier but do not take a great back dash for granted. I’m seeing things similar to the Marvel vs Capcom 3 plink dash or you can also compare it to Tekken’s movement. Regardless movement to me is also apart of defense. I can’t forget to mention the burst they have for the “get off me”. I think a push block or guard cancel might do a lot for the game but I am not sure what their design and don’t know what they have in mind so I can’t determine what they want to do here. The burst if it recovers or can be recovered by building meter can be good. The offense at the moment looks much stronger than the defense but I don’t see them not adding attacks without invincible properties down the road. Game is only 30% complete after all.

  • OFFENSE! What the characters can do by themselves is crazy enough but the offense goes into the next level when you add in tag. I saw them hitting all kinds of different hit levels and I can’t wait to get my hands on it and mix!

  • CONCLUSION! Put UDYR in the game.

    I’m looking forward to more!

Tekken 8 Gameplay Trailer, Returning Characters and New Gameplay System!

“Father. Son. Mother. This family reunion is going to be explosive. 

#TEKKEN 8 is bringing back old grudges to the new generation – Kazuya, Jin, Paul, King, Law, Lars, Jack-8 and… the return of Jun Kazama! 

Get ready for the next-gen battle!”

Originally tweeted by TEKKEN (@TEKKEN) on December 9, 2022.

In the IGN article here, The director of Tekken 8 Katsuhiro Harada spoke about encouraging offense by citing high-level play in both fighting games & real combat sports with fighters at the same skill level. Pointing out there is not a lot going on and it’s hard to get opened up. This is how they are addressing that.

TEKKEN 8’s New Heat System

Heat System to me is another option for breaking defense and adds another layer to the already existing offense of mids, lows and throws to challenge your opponents block. The animation Jin performs here is similar to King of Fighter’s MAX MODE which was also used by Geese in Tekken 7. On hit it looks like it activates the new animation that was added in the last t7 update.

I speculate that it might work like Fahkumrum’s moves that give a guaranteed hit when you block it against the wall but I have a feeling they may be thinking to have it break your guard for mid screen. If it just works in the corner that is fine too.

I think this is Tekken’s version of SF6’s Drive Impact. I also predict you can defend vs it when ready just like its counterpart.

They are tackling an ever-present hurdle in fighting games for spectating has always been how to make matches fun to watch at all levels.

Keep in mind I’m just guessing based off experience and none of my speculations are *confirmed*.

It’s what I think developers/designers are thinking to elevate fighting games as a spectator and player.

I’m not gonna hold you but they may have cracked the code! I think most of the developers are in contact with each other so we can expect more greatness going forward!

Shout out to the Developers! Thank you for holding us down!

And thank you for reading!

I hope that you are ready and as excited about the future of fighting games as I am!

Are you ready for the next-gen battle?

Get ready with my Fighting Game Strategy Guide!