Over the years I’ve seen players put too much stake into their online rank.

It’s mostly used to appeal to the normies on social media and sponsors that don’t know any better.


The true great players don’t care or ever think about “rank” because they know tournament is all the matters.

Don’t get me wrong. Ranked is the best place to find someone to play at any given time to set up matches consistently by default.

But use it to test new strategies, see how consistent your current game plan is, warm up for tournaments, get your reps in to stay sharp and of course to rank up.

You would be denying reality to think everyone is taking every match serious. There are plenty of players that find joy in trying hard all the time but it can be a mental drain for most.

Keep in mind everyone that plays ranked isn’t a “try hard” or playing with that mindset. It is funny though that the players with the worst connections normally are trying hard the most.

There is another downside to being a try hard and that is wanting to win so bad you are blinded by it and begin to develop bad habits in your play.

Avoid doing this by maintaining balance. Stay conscious of your gameplay decisions. Don’t get rattled or cocky, keep your cool.

Be honest with yourself about your decisions. Try to play more in well rounded lobbies or long sets vs the entire character roster. This develops and maintain good habits as you get quality reps on a consistent basis.

A ranked session could be all over the place in terms of consistency with factors of connection quality who you are playing against. If they are rage quitting or you may not be able to find anyone solid to fight.

How you do in casuals and vs your friends can be a indicator of how well you could do but its not the same as doing it.

At the end of the day the only thing that truly matters “rank” wise is who can win or place high in tournaments when all the best competition is there.

Online leaderboards don’t reflect that. I’ve personally been #1 rank before on the leaderboards but I’ve also been world champion while not being ranked on leaderboards.

Just keep grinding to be ready for your moment.

The Street Fighter 6 Beta is the best beta & Street Fighter game I’ve played.

The Battle Hub reminded me so much of the Phantasy Star Online lobby.
“I’ve been here before…”
Like an Esports Arena but with fighting games and arcade set ups.
Dragon Ball Z did it first!
Feels like you are always at a major tournament.

In my opinion they’ve done it. With the character customizations, online environment, and great gameplay. Capcom has captured the closest we can get to the offline fighting game community experience in a virtual world. You can go to different arcade set ups and challenge players on the cabinet by waiting in line or choose to chill and spectate. The net play connections were crispy. I could play vs Japan and it was solid!

The important stuff: I could hit confirm, anti air and perfect parry which is strict to do and connecting to Japan I think is a great indicator to use for stress testing the connection. Check out all the matches below and it leads to my full SF6 beta match playlist.

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No time for the full sets? No problem. Catch the highlights on FreshCut!

Drive Impact is Fine. Seriously.

Some players said that drive impact was too strong. I disagree. It is strong but has many counter play which I listed out in the tweet thread. There are a lot of exaggerations and knee jerk reactions but that is a given with every new title. I have a feeling this will be the best Street Fighter game in the history of the franchise and I am excited to play.


Burnout to me is one of if not the best feature in Street Fighter 6’s gameplay.

If you burn through all of your Drive Gauge meter then you are put in a burn out state.

Each drive gauge maneuver costs a set amount of meter so you have to be careful how you spend it to avoid bad situations.

In burnout state you are forced to take longer block strings that weren’t accessible before and you can be KO’d by chip damage. Supers do an incredible amount on block vs burnout.

And while in this state you cannot use any drive gauge strategies until the cool down period is over. When you block drive impact in the corner you are put in a dizzy state allowing the opponent to get a jump in starter before the full combo.

This is a step up from just giving a follow up combo when Drive Impact hits. It is still unblockable in the corner whether in or out of burnout.

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