STREAM: https://twitch.tv/perfectlegend

UPLOADS: https://youtube.com/perfectlegend

CLIPS: https://freshcut.gg/perfectlegend

If you have the beta then come by the stream to get some games in and talk strats.

I am using everyone in the beta to get accustomed to them.

Let’s grind out the game together! Join the discord before this link expires!: https://discord.gg/k9eKdunZ

Looking forward to seeing how the game pans out since it doesn’t have any reward for losing aka comeback/desperation mechanics. You are actually penalized for playing recklessly or bad in general.

Burn out mode is a state that happens when you burn through all of your drive gauge meter.

For a moment you are in a state that disables usage of drive gauge and you have to take longer block strings than usual. I assume this means the frame data on normals changes or it might take longer for you to come out of block stun. Not sure why it is possible but the point is you have to deal with more offense with less options to defend yourself in this state.

This means you have to be careful at picking your spots of when to use your drive gauge so you don’t burn out. The player who is better at managing their meter and make smart decisions in the fight will win consistently.

I welcome this battle design.