The FGC is hosting offline PC major tournaments!

Defend the North in New York

First Attack PR in Puerto Rico

Why is this a big deal? In competitive gaming, timing is everything. With new technological advances there were also setbacks, sometimes unknown. The fighting game community had to begin moving to LCD monitors during 2006-2009 in Dead or Alive 4 and with the release of Street Fighter 4 because CRTs are heavy and were being phased out in production despite being the best set ups for lag free gaming. But since switching we hadn’t looked into optimizing refresh rate and only the millisecond delay.

We ignored the refresh rate just from being unaware in general.

The FGC has always been about finding out who is the best and in the best possible conditions.

The Super Smash Bros Melee community still plays on CRT’s till this day for this reason alone.

Using high refresh we can get back to CRT or at least close to those timings but without using the CRT.

The higher the refresh rate the better you can react and the cleaner the picture. 60hz has been the standard but with our newly acquired knowledge its time to move on to 144hz and beyond.

In the video below you can see a comparison from 60hz vs 144hz vs 240hz vs 360hz

In 60hz the screen can appear blurry during movement and you are limited in how fast you can react when things start to happen on screen. We have been playing in lag for years and that includes offline.

This effects gameplay through not just your reaction but also your inputs. With PC you can overclock your controller to respond as fast as possible. On console, devices have their own different timings that you cannot change so you are limited to the set timing of the console, controller and the refresh rates latency.

For those that think this changes the way the games work. It does but it doesn’t. You can react and input faster but the properties of all of your attacks stay the same. The refresh rate makes the difference between you being able to react to a high/low mix up or getting hit by it.

Spacing and picking your spots becomes more prominent.

Some critics say PC is a financial gatekeeper for competition but so is spending thousands to go to a tournament for a chance to make a name for yourself while they use seeding to insure specific players maintain their bracket privileges is a luxury?

Online & Offline you can find monitors that go up to 165hz in the $100 ballpark on Amazon.

You can get a PC to run all fighting games released up to 2022 at ULTRA & STREAM for around $1,000.

PS4 as we speak is still locked in the past at a refresh rate of 60hz. PS5 is putting out an update to go to 120 at least while Xbox Series already has 120FPS. Kind of crazy to stay on console.

Xbox is limited in its fighting game library due to exclusives.

With all of this info PC is the best for competition. On and Offline.

EVO 2022 Arcade Stick Wall

I had to pull up to the EVO 2022 Arcade Stick Wall to show you guys decades of history. S/O Markman for using his personal collection for this.

1st time playing Street Fighter 6 at EVO 2022

I was able to try the cast. Ryu is the same while Luke and Chun feel different command wise while Jamie is brand new I knew nothing. Game still feels and plays like classic Street Fighter at least from Ryu’s perspective on a base level and for me that is 10/10 haha.

SF6 Playtest notes. S/O Javits for his check list.

MultiVersus hits 20 million players, releases Morty & more balance update info

MultiVersus has been on point with the updates on character releases, balance and stability updates!

Dnf Duel patch notes

A great visual guide to the practical applications of the patch. Thank you Sleepmode!

You can dodge out of this string now.

You can still do this string but it’s an earlier commit on when to do rising fist.

You can check Hitman after his 2S but only if your character has a fast enough normal.

4 Character nerfs. Everyone else is untouched.

I’m looking forward to the future Dnf Duel tournament results =D.

I honestly think they could’ve did more but overall the game is in a better spot competitively.

There isn’t anything new for casuals or bring players back. It feels like its just for the sweats.

DFO has a nice list of characters to choose from and I hope they add some in the future but for now it looks like they want us to sweat it out for ARC REVO.

September plans:

September in the Twitch streaming world is known as subtember.

Subtember usually means discounted subscriptions for subscribers until the end of the month:
– 20% off 1-month subs
– 25% off 3-month subs
– 30% off 6-month subs

However that doesn’t include gifted subs.

Either way I will be streaming around 100+ hrs to prepare and stay in practice for upcoming events.

Subs get priority to play matches with me.

Follow here if you haven’t:

And If you miss the stream you can find the best clips from it here:

I’ll be playing on Street Fighter V, Mortal Kombat 11, Dnf Duel & MultiVersus on PC.

I’m also open to playing any game including Tekken 7 for casuals =D.

Hope to see you on stream. Have a good rest of your day.