Don’t get me wrong. MultiVersus is dope but competitively I’m having a lot of recurring issues so I’m gonna sit this game out till later. Below I detail a recent online tournament experience.

Entered Battle for NAKANDA

In our first match it was 1-1. For the last game instead of just hitting rematch so we can play.

They went back to the lobby. On Start GG it said:

“Which stage do you want to strike” As it did for the first match. At least I thought that is what it said but apparently my mistake was choosing the stage I striked again because it actually said “which stage do you want to pick” Its very easy to miss this when it looks the exact same as the last screen but one minor difference. I striked Trophy and Tree Fort everytime or atleast I thought. So we ended up going to Sky Arena until the last match which I thought I was striking trophy. This is the first time I’m seeing you get to pick your stage strike and stage to play on.

Going into the match I noticed we were on the wrong stage so I SD’d and called the moderator.
Moderator took about 20-30 minutes to respond. Our opponents chose to take the game despite knowing what happened and acknowledging they did the same before in the past so the mod gave them the match. Dirty but ok. The last match didn’t even play. Here is the VOD.

But it was at that moment I retired from playing MultiVersus. At the very least online.

I am entering at KiT which is offline so we will see how that goes.

Too many variables in online competitive play and trying to grind for it has been hard.

  • Stage Striking. This process needs to be automated like Brawlhalla. I should not be forced to have mental gymnastic conversations for picking characters or stages with people im competing vs. Please add stage striking as an in game feature. I’m a living example of why. What doesn’t make sense to me is at least online the character/perk select is already blind pick. Why are you asking me what characters/perks I am using?

  • Late Match Start. My teammate and sometimes myself can’t see the match for the first couple of seconds putting us at a tremendous disadvantage in casual and tournament.
    I guess this is more a stability issue. But starting the match at a disadvantage is wack.

  • Attempting to practice is annoying cause the cross play connections I think a lot of them are on wifi so all you see is teleporting. And there at least to my knowledge isn’t a wifi indicator to let you know if they are or not. In addition to this people love picking double characters. Example: Two Iron Giants etc
    I hope this isn’t allowed when Ranked is released.

MultiVersus is super fun but the competitive aspect is adding unnecessary variables.

At the end of the day at least for me there are too many variables that complicate the tournament process and all of this has turned me off from signing up for anything else.

I look forward to the future if these things are addressed.