DNF Duel Public Release is here!

Early Thoughts

  • Game loads fast. Getting a match in matchmaking is quick.
  • Game allows for King of The Hills in the Lobby.
  • Every character is unique and fights in their own way.
  • If you enjoyed Injustice: Gods Among Us character designs you will love this game.
  • Inputs are not difficult to learn. There are easy inputs and full inputs.

DBFZ Update

  • Nerfing Lab Coat and adjusting the roster.

Patch Notes

I haven’t checked the impact of the notes myself yet but I will do that on stream

EVO getting upgrades posted by the General Manager Rick The Hadou.

EVO is looking to be interesting! I wonder if “& more” is pot bonuses for all the games.

We’ll see. So far the only game with a pot bonus is the $100k MultiVersus 2v2 tournament.


DNF Duel Winner-Stays King of the Hill on Friday in partnership with FreshCut Summer

  • Highest Streak(s) determine the Winners.
  • Top 5 Payout
  • There will be giveaways to the chat for participating so you can win without competing!
  • Capped at 16 and will raise entry based on demand.

Enter Here

I’ll be streaming most of the day playing DNF Duel and checking out the DBFZ update.

Hope to see you in the chat!