First are foremost let me cut to the chase:

I will not be playing Reo in a MM or Exhibition match at EVO this year. Mortal Kombat has ran its course and history has been made.

This all stemmed from Arturo Sanchez on the Apex stream stating that Reo was the best player of MK9’s prime. I of course disagreed.

There was a constant twitter arguments back and forth but let me clear the air:

Reo had a great MK season after the last patch was released for the game. Leading up to the last patch his MK career it was a bit lackluster.

I’m not going to go into a further history lesson than this but: I won Evolution World Championship back to back 2011 and 2012. Denzell Terry won 2013. Reo won neither of those.

To apparently “prove himself” or try to rewrite history he wants to do an exhibition. It doesn’t matter. You can beat me 100-0 in a set. It will not change the fact that I am the two time back to back 2011 and 2012 Evolution World Mortal Kombat Champion. Me beating you also doesn’t do anything for me. It would just be another day in the office as it was when I beat you at EVO both years.

Accept it MK9 is done competitively as a major game and Injustice is here and MK10 is around the corner.

You however have another option. You can play me in Injustice: Gods Among Us to try to get your “Justice” or wait until Mortal Kombat 10 where its a clean slate.

Now onto FGC twitter wars. I believe we can all co exist. I agree with a lot of what Black Mamba stated in his post here:

The problem is a lot of that requires money and to get money there needs to be structure. FGC needs work in this department. Beginning from determining what exactly is a Major tournament and what makes it different from a regional and a local.

Traditionally there are tournaments that are Majors that have been that way for quite sometime.

There are newer tournaments that have also become majors. I will use two examples one of an older tournament and one of a new tournament. A great example of an older major is Final Round. A great example of a new major is CEO

The above mentioned events are what I believe are majors and are must attend events for fighting game players every year. Going from that we can build off what we know is a major tournament or not.

Evolution doesn’t need to be mentioned cause we all know what the deal is.

Now as far as structure we need some kind of power ranking that factors in Majors and Regionals. Locals not so much because they are so widespread they are a bit hard to even record for data unless it is a ranbat like WNF, NLBC, Michigan Ranbats, Final Roundbats etc.

After that we need to have designated commentators so random people aren’t on the mic just chirping chicken scratch to the viewers.

From there we can go down the totem pole to fix things that need fixing.

In my next blog I am going to go over what I think needs and can be improved during and for our tournaments as well as what needs to stop.

I however need to end this cause I am attending a dinner party soon (Happy birthday Thug-Geek big 30!)

Continue with your regularly scheduled program.