Alright guys part two. Since I am salty from playing Killer Instinct ranked match my mind is fresh.

Ok in KI I main Jago. Out of the entire cast I think he is the coolest looking. Glacius looks like a booger. Sabrewulf is well just ugly. I’m not a fan of grapplers, Orchid and Sadira are female so that leaves Jago who is also a ninja so that is a plus.

Anyway mechanic wise you would think Jago is actually pretty good. Sike, He looks like your basic shoto type character. He looks like he can play some good footsies and combo from his throws. Unfortunately the rest of the cast is better than him in a bunch of more ways. They are totally out range him, avoid his core gameplan entirely or just do what he is supposed to do better.

You have Sabrewulf who if Glacius weren’t in the game to keep him in check he would be the best character in the game.

By the way at Frosty Faustings I lost to Sabrewulf and Glacius lololol.

Sabrewulf is the silliest character I have seen to date in a fighting game. He can knock you down and just dash through you destroying any chance of landing a reversal. He literally could beat you by dashing through you and throwing your whiffed attempt of a reversal and when you commit to a throw guess what? He dashes through you and lands a neutral jump in attack into a combo lololol.

You could also just take the safe route with Sabrewulf and do back + HP which is advantage on block and full charge its an unblockable. Also he can cancel into his run stance then hit you with a overhead or a low which is pretty much unseeable anyway. Sabrewulf I’m pretty sure has the best dashes in the game as well making it really easy to create space.

Now against Jago, Jago can’t really even play footsies. If Jago’s wind mill kick is blocked Sabrewful is like yea bro lemme do back heavy punch and now you gotta either just take this shit nonstop, deal with a 50/50 mixup afterwards or a throw. Yea I could shadow counter, back dash or dp but I am poking with an attack to put myself at a disadvantage and let sabrewulf control the pace of the match. Jago also instead of poking with wind mill kick he can do his own forward heavy kick which is +3 on block but it has a high hit box and is weak to a lot of crouch attacks. Sabrewulf pretty much do crouch light punch and begin a combo.

When Jago gets knocked down (its going to happen accept it) Sabrewulf pretty much does whatever he wants. Jago mineswell put the controller down. The only way for Jago to win this match is to have perfect reads on Sabrewulf he begins his combo and land a counter breaker or something for big damage. Its not worst than 7-3 cause of the games combo system it allows someone to beat a play off reads alone. Outside of the combo system I really feel like its 8-2. There is absolutely nothing Jago has in this match up other than to guess right every time on wake up and at neutral. Yea Jago can spend meter or use instinct to make himself safe but guess what? Sabrewulf is going to pretty much control your meter build so when you are out of meter what are you gonna do? Dp everytime after wind mill kick? High risk low reward.

Glacius vs Jago is ridiculous. I keep hearing tall tales how Jago’s fireball keeps Glacius honest. Lol no. Glacius can just jump over him and bust him in the face with his long reaching normals. Oh you know hes going to do a normal so dp him out of the air? When Glacius catches on he will just jump and do nothing then let jago whiff his dragon punch then combo him. Glacius grab range is also pretty ridiculous so playing footsies up close is even a bitch sketchy. Jago’s normal’s up close seem like they are good until you fight any character other than thunder and Jago himself. Another thing Glacius has a better dragon punch than Jago cause it goes into a combo starter. Jago’s dragon punch just knocks the opponent down. Right there Glacius has better risk reward on his reversal as well and has better neutral game.

I lost to both these characters the exact same way. Either totally overwhelmed (Sabrewulf) or hella outzoned (Glacius). Lol when Glacius goes for a counter breaker he is pretty much safe cause he is like full screen away from his opponent so if it whiffs oh well.

Injustice was honestly really good. Obviously every character I had a strategy for I won against. I still didn’t know what I should do against Sinestro. Everyone swears up and down Scorpion aka high risk medium/low reward beats Sinestro. I highly disagree. He can’t even crouch Sinestro’s fear blast and his J3 range is non existent so contending against Sinestro from the air or the ground is not going to work. Sinestro player has to practically beat himself to lose in that match up. I think I should’ve stuck with Doomsday he has a better chance I think.

Sinestro is ridiculous but hes not at the same time. Against chars who can’t crouch fear blast he is a nightmare. Against chars who can he is manageable. You can at least advance a little bit and try to get in but once he has trait he can pretty much do whatever he feels like until he decides to use his trait. Unfortunately I don’t have any Sinestro players to play against so I have to hit the lab against him if I want to be successful when I play against him again in tournament.

It also doesn’t help Sinestro has a meterless vortex that is advantage on block and because of that once he gets started it is always his turn.

I think once I master the neutral game against Sinestro I won’t have anymore trouble against him. The vortex is whatever. I don’t care about trying to guess right in the vortex. I want to avoid the situation all together. Versus most of the characters in the game I have a very solid game plan but Sinestro not so much at this moment and time of writing this blog.

Back to the lab…