Myself (Perfect Legend), MK_Tom Brady and M2Dave are hosting a Podcast where we talk about the happenings within the NRS Fighting Game Community. Tournaments, Character Strategy, Drama etc.

This is the first of many podcast and hope you all enjoy! *Sorry about my audio being low*

Here is a list of topics we discussed on this weeks show.

“Kumite Results and Shout Outs to Vandy

Perfect Legend and Forever King Drama

Gross’ Delusions about Being a Top 5 Player in Mortal Kombat 9

Perfect Legend’s and Tom Brady’s Current Top 5 Characters

Standard for Tournaments: X-Box 360 and 3/5

Tom Brady Addresses Learning How to Stop Caring What People Think and Post

Tom Brady: “The westcoast is classless”.

Playing To Win’s Performance at Kumite

Perfect Legend Addresses Deathstroke and Low Gunshots

What constitutes a major tournament and what does not?

Word Association Game: AK Pig of the Hut, GGA Slips, Forever King, GGA 16 Bit”