Here is a quote from a post GGA Slips has made in the thread on Test your might.

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I think we are jumping the gun on this. Is Scorp cheap? No doubt. Does he break the pace and rules of the game? Obviously. Is he broken? Maybe.

Should we ban him because nobody likes playing against him and Reo bodied a handful of players on a stream?


He is a high mobility low damage character. I’ve made this point in another thread, but this concept isn’t foreign to fighting games. I’ll give a clear example.

Super Turbo Vega is undoubtedly one of the ‘cheapest’ character in ST. He doesn’t play by any of the rules. Zoning him is out of the question because of how fast is wall dive. He’s hard to anti air because he’s got the fastest jump in the game and his jumping fierce can beat even some anti airs. He has a flip kick which is good anti air and a good reversal. He has a vortex to where if it hits, you could guess wrong until you die.

Sound familiar?

Yet we don’t see the Capcom players banning Vega. They all agreed the character plays by his own set of rules and everyone will have to learn how to fight against him.

This vid is an example of how we might have to end up learning how to play vs. Scorp.

Honda can’t play his normal game. He can’t headbutt because of wall dives and jump back fierce. He has to be careful approaching because the moment he lets his charge go (crouching) it means Vega jump off the wall and put him in a guessing game. Ultimately, he has to play Vega’s game and beat him at it.

Do people like palying against Vega? No. He has a random factor that sometimes you just can’t avoid and it sucks. Some players are really good but can’t cope with the speed of Vega and they hate him.

But he has never been banned.

Is Scorpion in the same boat? Yes. Is it possible he’s worse than Vega? I guess its possible. Do we know this for sure already?


To me this is coming way too soon. Its like George W. Bush saying Scorpion possibly may be a weapon of mass destruction so lets get rid of him just in case. I agree with Reo that he’s probably not even the best in the game. But I don’t agree with banning him because we are too lazy to figure out how to fight him. To me Frost, Superman, Black Adam and Aquaman are just as broke as Scorp but we aren’t banning them. If we are gonna invade Iraq then we should invade Syria, Iran and Pakistan as well.[/quote]

I 100% agree with Slips.

We have players that have ulterior motives for him to be banned. I will name a few of them. Tom Brady, M2dave, Pig of the Hut and Reo.

Tom Brady can’t handle the speed of Scorpion.

M2dave hates anti-zoning characters.

Pig of the Hut just doesn’t understand him right now.

Reo knows I will be good with him.

Others are just too lazy and don’t want to learn the match up. They don’t want to be challenged. As my good friend Slips has said above hes just as broke as Frost, Superman, Black Adam and Aquaman.