Hey guys I am making this blog entry for you all who are having problems with fighting against Scorpion.

I made a video before trying to help everyone but a lot of you are all still having issues so I will lay some light on how to deal with Scorpion and some misconceptions as well.

Scorpion’s teleport punch on block is -42 which allows every character in the game to land a b3 into full combo. Yes you have to guard against scorpion by holding forward but you can also hold down or downback to totally avoid the teleport punch.


The problem everyone is having is meter burn teleport punch. Yes it is a launcher when it hits you but most damage he can get is 21% without spending extra bar for reset which is two bars for a combo.

MB Teleport punch will always go to the ground even if he does an air teleport. MB Teleport won’t make scorpion re appear from the air like regular air teleport punch so you can bait this out and punish him. On wake up this is a bit easier to bait out than it is in the neutral game.

When fighting Scorpion in the neutral game you actually want to get close to him.  The best way to close in on him is to dash up. Everyone wants to jump in the air but jumping isn’t a good option unless you have a good air mobility character like someone with an air dash for example. Scorpion doesn’t have a lot of range on his normal and most Scorpion players will be trying to jump in the air anyway to abuse you with jump 3 or jump 1 but both of this normal attacks can be anti aired and air to aired. Of course you will need the proper tools to anti air but that is character specific across the game just like any game this is where you have character match ups. At this moment and time I feel like Aquaman, Wonderwoman, Batgirl, Doomsday, Bane


Fighting Scorpion on the ground: Scorpion is actually very limited in his ground game which is why most Scorpion players will begin to jump in the air. Once you knock Scorpion down and force him to fight you on the ground he has a lot of problems. Flip kick is a good get off me attack but it is -10 on block it leaves him at a good distance away so unless you are right next to him it is difficult to punish him however most characters can punish him with d1 special. This is a good trade off cause its -10 and all he gets is a knock back when he hits you. Before the fix scorpion’s flip kick was -1 and didn’t have really any recovery on whiff.

Punishing Scorpion’s who want to jump and jump back 1/3 or teleport all day:

When Scorpion starts jump backward you can dash forward and get closer to him. When he whiffs the jump 3 you can punish him when he lands and if he does teleport punch you will force the teleport punch to whiff and can punish him in his recovery. Scorpion begins jumping forward to try to hit you out of dashing forward you can jump and hit him out of the air with your fastest air normal attack or if you are a character like Aquaman you can dash forward and do d2 and hit him out of the air.

You can also walk forward and just react to the start up of the Teleport Punch (this is very possible but a little difficult if you don’t train your eye to see it) and crouch the teleport on reaction then punish him.


Dealing with MB Teleport Punch:

This is the main thing that annoys everyone cause it is kind of a get in for free however when someone knows you want to use MB teleport punch they can punish you greatly. This move is +9 on block so you won’t punish on block but you can neutral jump it since it will always make Scorpion re appear on the ground no matter where he is on the screen. You can also use push block to take away the frame advantage of meter burn teleport punch. Unlike regular teleport punch you can’t dash out of the way cause the 2nd hit will hit you. Your best option is to neutral jump or jump backwards land on it and punish it that’s if you want to go for the punish. I feel its best to block it yea its +9 on block but scorpion literally doesn’t have any mixups he can do while you are crouching and in this position. He could do a jump attack but you can hit him out of the air before he is able to hit you since you are crouching. His best options after MB TP on block are d3, b1, df3, df1, f1 and as you see none of these are overhead. 212 is too far away to even connect and so is 2u3. So there is nothing to fear.  Scorpion even has to take a step forward and grab to land a grab.

Dealing with Jump 1/3 cancel to teleport punch on block:

This is actually really simple. After you block the first hit immediately crouch. If Scorpion does MB teleport punch or regular teleport punch you will block it. Remember to hold down and not down back. It won’t cross up you will block it. If its regular teleport punch it will whiff.



By the way doomsday’s venom (his shoulder) the meter burn version of it does 19% and its +6 on block and leaves doomsday in position to do d1, grab which are both uninterruptable unless you back dash. In this position he can also jump and do d3 splash but that is it. Scorpion at +9 from a move that does 21% with his best combo gives him really no options on block if you crouch and on top of that when you crouch block the first hit then rise up and block the 2nd hit Scorpion mines well be +0 on block because it pushes you back even further than the push back while you are crouching.

Please guys stop complaining and go to the lab. Let’s level up together!