People will disagree with me but you have to think about the whole game outside of who you play with and what you see on stream.

This is coming from what I think would work best in a tournament setting. I think these characters will do best in a tournament and can punish players for bad habits like jumping, having strategies for breaking down the defense of a turtle and overall presence on the screen.

Also obviously this isn’t set in stone and is subject to change as the game evolves.

– Air mobility
– good screen presence: Lasso with air dash mobility, b23 and air df3. Sword stance shield bash
– Low/Overhead mixup and pressure using b1, d12 in lasso as well as sword stance having d1 is +3 on block
– Launching wake up attack: lasso db3 so you have to respect her on wake up.
– d2 reliable anti air in lasso stance. Will beat most jump attacks.
– OTG mixups after landing lasso grab in the corner. You cannot perform a wake up attack you have to eat a OTG that
can also cross up. Also she can do f3 which becomes ambigous to block in the corner.
– Her air dash makes it difficult to block against her jump ins since she can instantly change direction.
Kind of like magneto in mvc2. Superman also has this but isn’t nearly as good.
– d3 is a really good poke since it gives untechable knockdown and can crouch moves like superman’s f2 so he can’t recklessly
pressure her with advantage because he will eat an untechable knockdown. Even at the start of the match you can start off with d3
vs Superman’s f2 and it will crouch it and knock him down.
– BNB combo does 39% + otg mixup’s if you finish with lasso.
– Corner game is top notch using b1, b2 and 33 as pokes. 33 is a +2 on block low that can be hit confirmed into a launcher.
b23 is a safe poke that is a knockdown and b113 is a hit confirmable safe launcher that leads to big damage and otg.
– Parry can parry anything but jump ins or lows. Anytime she parries something she gets a full combo which is about 39% + OTG
She can also parry projectiles and dash in before you recover.

– Can use his trait to block during ground combo’s making it difficult for players to score damage on him unless the first hit
launches. This makes every character in the game reconfigure their regular gameplan.
– Good pokes and footsies. A lot of range on normals like b12, d1, b2, d2
– low/overhead mixup that is pretty much safe when using his Water of Life character power/trait.
– Launching wake up attack making you respect his wake up. However you can jump at him and kind of avoid the launcher but he can
wake up with Water Shield which if meter burned pushes you full screen and its +6 on block.
– Water Shield is an attack that nullifies all projectiles and he only can take damage from physical attacks. This can be used on
an opponents wake up to avoid reversals. Water shield is really annoying its like Subzero with ice clone. If Aquaman has a life lead
match is pretty much over when he does water shield lol.
– Probably the best jump in attack with j2. Not many character can anti air this or even contest it in the air because of how much
trident protects his hit box.
– From the deep db2 is really good for checking opponents ground movement. IF someone back dashes from the deep will hit them. It
will also hit people out of the air if they are low enough to the ground.

Black Adam
– mannnnnnnnnnnnnn
– This character…..=\
– Ok seriously
– Air mobility with dive kick
– really good walk speed and probably the best dash combination in the game going back and forwards.
– Good footsies with b23 being +3 on block which is a launcher that leads to 30%+ combos.
– Block strings that can be extended and canceled using his character power which deals unblockable damage and can be used to set up
really hard to block tick throw set ups.
– He is pretty much either advantage or safe on everything on block.
– Good zoning with his db1 and df2. Df2 works like Aquaman’s from the deep special attack as it will catch you back dashing and hit you
out of the air if you are low enough to the ground cause of the hit box. It also makes it so moving on the ground is difficult. Dive
Kick is also a pain to deal with in combination of all of this. His db1 also is a combo starter. From full screen he gets a free df2
but mid screen he has enough time to dash in and land a b23 combo.
– MB Dive kick is ridiculous. +9 on block and on hit he gets 40% damage. Think Doctor Doom Footdive but safe on block.
– MB Lightning Cage. Dude I seriously hate this move. If you hated EX Seismo from C Viper you will really hate this move. First off
this move has range in spots it shouldn’t have range. You try to bait it to punish it but you have to be like totally away from BA
just to try and punish it. You also can’t jump at him cause it will still hit you. Let me not forget to mention when this move hits
you he gets about 40% damage and it is also +5 on block IIRC.

– Best walk speed in the game
– Good dash
– A lot of moves that are adv on block b22, d12, f213(you can duck the second part high and blow him up though if you are fast enough)
MB Sonic pound and MB lightning charge are both + on block too.
– Sonic pound can cross up and be hella ambiguous which also causes a hard knockdown which leads into the same situation. MB Sonic
Pound + trait will give Flash about 60% on hit + a hard knockdown to put you in the same situation.
– Mb Lightning charge is +5 on block but you can duck the 2nd part if you are fast and blow him up. This move pretty much lets Flash
get in for free and now since you are waiting to block this and duck it to punish it. It makes you stop doing anything and he
can just walk his way in. If you are pressing buttons he can lightning charge you from almost full screen and now you have to deal
with sonic pound ambiguous nonsense.
– FLash also has possibly the strongest 50/50 set ups in the whole game. d12 and f2 are unseeable and lead to big damage.
– I forgot to mention b22 can be hit confirmed into sonic pound for 60% too and its + on block so if you mess up thats ok bro you get
another chance!
– FLash can avoid most or probably all interactables by using a well timed speed dodge which makes him invulnerable for a small
amount of time. So cheesing out flash with interactables is tough.
– Flash has one of the best corner games in the game up there with Wonder Woman.

– Really good screen presence and control cause of teleport. Forces you to always do something. You can either walk forward to block
teleport behind you. Wait for a teleport then crouch on reaction or neutral jump and block up teleport on read. He makes you
always want to do something so that is good. This sets up all his other stuff like spear or hell fire but the downfall is everything
he does is a read and he can get blown up if he is off.
– Scorpion can’t really be traditionally zoned cause of teleport and by mean traditional zoning you can’t just keep doing projectiles
cause you will get punished.
– Good 50/50 upclose with b1 and b2. He also has great cross ups with jump in 3/1
– Meter burn teleport is awesome cause even if you duck it its +9 on block. Even though its +9 like Black Adam he can only get early
20% max damage. So it really isn’t all that big to be honest if I get hit by meter burn teleport im like whatever idc lol.
– He has resets that can lead to 50/50 situations and keep looping them which basically will overwhelm the opponent cause of his
options after a reset are very wide.
– Can reach 40 percent combos using trait and a bar of meter.
– j3 is really really good for jumping in making it hard to anti air him unless you are aquaman, wonderwoman.
– Reliable anti air using flip kick
– Great use of interactables and he can stop or punish other characters for attempting to use interactables cause of how good his j3
and his teleports are.

Also guys recently I have been added to one of the most prominent organizations in eSports. Team Fnatic!


You can check out the full press release here: http://www.fnatic.com/content/95580/fnatic-adds-perfect-legend

So this means I will be seeing you all at more events. I am booked for both CEO and EVO can’t wait to see everyone!