The SF6 demo is out if you didn’t know and its free to get in the store on your chosen platform.

I will tell you how you can simulate practice mode. In character guides mode select your characters level 3.

Ryu “Shin Shoryuken”

Luke “Pale Rider”

From here after pressing the share button (PC/Xbox) or the touch pad (Playstation) you will be able to move and have full recovering drive gauge, super and health meter. Allowing you to simulate practice mode.

You can even reset position by pressing (Xbox/Steam)Share/(PS)Touch Pad by pressing it twice.

Use this to get familiar with the two characters. Learn their bread and butter combos then practice vs the CPU or a buddy for a moving target to assist in speeding up the learning process. This will help you be ready either when the Open Beta happens or the full game release.

To get an edge in your Street Fighter 6 Practice.

  • Watch LVL 8 CPU to learn your characters best combos

The LVL 8 CPU in the demo will do optimal combos for every necessary situation. Watch and take notes to get what you need and not have to spend time discovering it yourself manually so you can get into playing matches faster.

  • Playthrough each character guide to get the strategy for using your moves.

The developers did an amazing job detailing each characters moves and their purposes. This will give you a quicker grasp of how each character works and what capcom intended for their strategy.

  • Use Modern Controls to learn the characters gameplan and match up faster without needing to spend time on muscle memory.

Modern Controls is a great way to see what a character is a capable of without fully knowing their inputs or muscle memory. This cuts time down from learning and you won’t need to master the character just know their gameplan and go back to your main. Great for everyone especially top players that want to cut time in practice.

For the working person that doesn’t have a lot of time but you want to still be able to compete without spending hours and hours on grinding muscle memory. It is perfect.

Check out a great video highlighting exactly this here:

Character Select Screen shows each characters classification by Type, Range and Ease of Use.

Below I have listed them all and in alphabetical order.

  • Type:

Standard – Guile, Lily, Luke, Ryu

Tricky – Dee Jay, Dhalsim, Jamie, JP

Speed – Blanka, Cammy, Chun-Li, Kimberly, Juri

Power – E. Honda, Ken, Manon, Marisa, Zangief

  • Effective Range:

Close-Range – Cammy, Juri, Zangief,

Mid-Range – Blanka, Chun-Li, Dee Jay, E.Honda, Jamie, Ken, Kimberly, Lily, Luke, Manon, Marisa, Ryu.

Long-Range – Dhalsim, Guile, JP

  • Ease of Use:

Easy: Cammy, Lily, Marisa

Normal – Blanka, Dee Jay, E.Honda, Guile, Jamie, Ken, Kimberly, Luke, Manon, Ryu.

Hard – Chun-Li, Dhalsim, JP, Juri, Zangief

Actionable things to know and practice:

How To Be Cracked in SF6 (Legally) Series by Ice (@NoMoreMrIceGuy_)

“Videos for beginner and intermediate players who feel like they don’t know what to practice in the Street Fighter 6 Demo.”

Pt. 1: Light Hit Confirms.

“Yes, you can’t single hit confirm. We all know this. Wrong choice of words. But there will be times where you can only punish with a light attack and can’t spend drive meter. Practice it anyway. 💯”

Pt. 2: Cancelling and Confirming Medium Normals.

Pt. 3: Drive Rush Conversions & Combos.

Use these methods to be on the right track for Street Fighter 6.