FGCs reasoning for seeding has flawed logic and I’m going based on my lived experiences.

In the past decade seeding has gotten progressively worse. Far too many times I will go to an event and fight the same person in the same position from the previous event. In my pool or right out of my pool will be stacked with the favorite to win. But I’ll watch the same people get easy paths to top 8 and if this seeding was working or so fair then what I’ve seen happen shouldn’t consistently happen so often.

They will tell you seeding is so the tournament can be fair but they will seed based on who will get the most viewership on screen or use tournament results from previous versions of a game that no longer exist but then in the same breath will discount legacy players out of their seeding but seed “brandnewplayer27” higher from a weekly online tournament result. It makes 0 sense so that is part of the reason why I say it should be random.

Every tournament is a new day. All the same players aren’t present at every event. And seeding the previous winner with a better path is a form of rigging no matter how you look at it. Everyone should have a fair path and let fate decide by randomizing the bracket. Many of the bracket programs allow you to do this. All you have to do is insert the names. If you want to seed by region which to me is the only seeding style that should matter then that is fine. However I feel for online tournaments it shouldn’t matter since we are all playing online. If you want to avoid playing your friends then start a clan and enter with the tag so they know to separate you. I’m sure this is possible with the technology we have available. Let’s not complicate it.

When I run my tournaments they will be randomized. #NOSEEDING

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Watch the TEKKEN 8 – New Gameplay Mechanics Introduction here:

To summarize:

They discontinued Rage Drive. Took the concept of Rage Drive and turned it into moves that you can only do during Heat.

The lower your HP in Rage the more damage your attacks and Rage Art will do.

Tekken 8 Heat System gives you these abilities

  • Recoverable Chip damage
  • Ex or enhanced moves
  • Guard break to guarantee next hit (Fahkumrum)
  • Recover your health points through playing aggressively.

I noticed heat is really the spark charge (press all attack buttons to activate) to give your next attack counter hit status. They took that and made it more useful to incorporate it more into the competitive gameplan instead of how most people would use it which would be like a taunt.

Recoverable chip damage will add to the mind games by making people feel like they need to do something to get the advantage back or they will take a more defensive stance to not lose out on their hp.

The struggle of being aggressive or defensive in this situation while both players are heated up I imagine looks awesome with the characters having auras flaring up. Then their life bars will be depleting and regenerated simultaneously as they fight keeping them alive. You could potentially see more time overs happening. Instead of players getting edged out by life leads through turtling you could see them getting edged out while they are still fighting to close out the match If I am not mistaken.

Add in guard breaks and the rage art moves going into heat engagers with slow mo effects it will be crazy visually.

They also added a simple mode for a control style for beginners to ease them into Tekken. I understand this is to get people accustomed to the game but it also helps highlight what kind of moves are good.

I don’t think they need to put any focus on how easy it is and should part ways with that in their marketing and development. Highlight what makes their games stand out and fun. People already love Tekken and the enthusiasm alone is more than enough to encourage people to get into the game. Honestly what I just explained above has made me excited to play.

From a historical perspective people don’t pick up games because they are easy. They pick them up cause it is and looks fun to play.

What drew me and many others into Tekken to my knowledge

  • The different real life fighting styles and how detailed the battle system works to represent them
  • The fighting mechanics.
  • Global representation.
  • Soundtrack
  • Story
  • Aesthetic and serious / goofy tones. You go from kung fu masters battling to bears and dinosaurs.

Ryan Hart chimed in on what makes Tekken special on Twitter. (And happy birthday to him it is his bday!)

Tekken World Tour 2023 was announced! But no online events?

Will be interesting to see who is selected for each events.

I hope they add online events to compete/qualify in. Not everyone can travel around or has a reliable local scene they could play in.

Tekken World Tour 2022 Finals Prize Payout

24 players competing for a prize pool of $100,000 USD.

Here is how the prize money was distributed:
1st place – $50,000
2nd place – $13,000
3rd place – $6,000
4th place – $4,000
5th-6th place – $3,000
7th-8th place – $2,500
9th-12th place – $2,000
13th-16th place – $1,000
17th-24th place – $500

This would be a great opportunity for online since they are making more improvements to the functionality which they just hired Arika to do.

For those that don’t know Arika is behind the FEXL series based on the Street Fighter EX series. FEXL is one of the first japanese fighting game titles to implement rollback successfully. What this means to me is the online netcode will be improved. The loading screens will be faster so that means quicker rematch which personally for me is the biggest drawback because I want to be able to get more matches at a high pace.

Thankfully they aren’t leaving us hanging till Tekken 8 and as you see they have started on it for another Tekken 7 update.