MultiVersus releases this week (July 19th) for Early Access.

Those that played in the Alpha get to participate in Early Access!

I was in the Alpha so you can expect me to stream and sweat in MultiVersus until I leave for EVO.

I’m looking forward to seeing the adjustments ingame and adapting to them for the future.

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With registration closing the EVO Arena Final Line Up has been decided.

King of Fighter XV, Tekken 7, Street Fighter V and Guilty Gear Strive all have the most entrants for EVO this year and have been rewarded with the biggest stage for their top 8s on Sunday.

The games I entered this year are Mortal Kombat 11, MultiVersus and the DNF Duel side event which all will finish Saturday.

I’m looking forward to roaming all of the sections at EVO. Every year there is always something interesting to see.

– DNF Duel High Level Gameplay Perfect Legend (Crusader) Road to Deity Top 10 Rank part 3

Thank you for watching and see you on stream!