I tweeted the Fighting Game Community (FGC) needs to let go of seeding.

There are people in the FGC (Wow who knew? lol jk)

They think I am crazy for tweeting the above but it is valid and I’m not wrong to be honest.

Here are a couple of established players in the scene that have provided legitimacy to my argument for your reading pleasure (s/o Joey Fury & SubtL)

People want their favorites to get guaranteed stream time and tournament wins/placings.

For guaranteed screen time have the player stream or capture their matches in some form.

We have the technology. There really isn’t an excuse anymore at this point other than complacency.

Seeding is bracket manipulation and manufacturing no matter how you look at it.

Fighting game tournaments aren’t a “league” every event is its own event and a new day.

The players that enter aren’t the same and every player isn’t at every event.

A lot of arguments I see are “well you don’t want two top players playing 1st round”

If they meet in bracket without interference then that is that.

That’s fine as long as its not a manufactured showdown or path.

“Well then the rest of the tournament won’t look the way I think it should”

I remember a time when footage was scarce and now people are using that as a reason to rig events.

These are tournaments not TV shows. There isn’t a premade script to go by.

That is tampering with results no matter how you want to dress it up.

EVO (The Fighting Game World Championship and Biggest Tournament in The World)

Is built on the “Any Given Sunday” aspect of competition. Seeding goes against that.

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There’s been discussion around playing by feel vs with frame data in fighting games.

Players chimed in with their experiences and how it used to be back in the day.

PL Thoughts

When I came into the scene (2004-2005) with Dead or Alive 2U. We had access to the full frame data with all of the information available so we were able to craft strategy in the most optimal fashion. I still have the Dead or Alive 4 Masterfile Book from Japan as well. Shout out to Team Ninja for providing the information.

A lot of fighting game developers hadn’t been so generous with giving out frame data up until the recent decade with games inserting frame data into the game training mode, move list or both. Thankfully due to the demand of the players asking for it. They have began to provide it on a regular basis.

Playing by feel vs Frame Data

Playing by feel works to an extent but when you know the data and internalize. It buffs your gameplay.

You can still learn everything you need to know without frame data but it will take longer cause you will need to manually test and get a literal feel for everything and all the timings.

Frame data just tells you the exact number for when it is your turn, how fast you can move when it is and how long it takes before its your turn again after moving. It tells you what and why you should feel what you do.


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