What is up everyone. This week I have some complaints and concerns with the communities overview of Capcom Cup, Players who downplay their obviously powerful characters, props fishers and my controller woes

“Aiming for the Cup”


Now you guys do realize Capcom Cup is an eSports event right? I guess for whatever reason since Capcom held the event themselves its a “community” ran event? No sir. I thought you all were against eSports? The hypocrisy! Just cause CAPCOM is hosting the events themselves its ok but if anyone else does it (MLG) you shun it. Yea ok….

I think you guys are just non supportive of anything made in America. MLG is USA, NRS is USA etc etc. Just like how you all are so quick to try to kill off any game or franchise that isn’t made in Japan or actually that isn’t Capcom. Hella sad.


I won’t be surprised with how you all are going to act towards Killer Instinct once the opportunities disappear for it. I mean come on we all know Killer Instinct is gonna get the treatment. Probably featured in high end tournaments with great payout and hella marketing behind it. Look at the ULTRA KILLER INSTINCT launch tournament. All the press that tournament got. I am 100% positive there will be more to come from that. However I do feel like Killer Instinct is godlike and definitely deserves all the marketing, prizes etc. It is the perfect fighting game to use for eSports. THAT NETCODE THO?! THE TIME RELEASE CONTENT THO?! It is pretty much simulating the arcade era with their plan for the game. I love it I just hate getting combo breakered but that is my own fault.

Hell even Sundance from MLG tweeted about it and if there is one thing I know, Sundance doesn’t just talk about anything unless it has something to do with MLG. By the way he is the CEO of the league soooo yea.


On to other things during Capcom Cup. Good shit to Yipes returning and showing up big. Reminded me of MVC2 yipes thanks for returning. Everyone you beat is was a massacre and looked hella free. Honestly his performance in my opinion was the highlight of the event.


I liked Nemo’s play it is good that he got bodied but of course people are gonna come out and say “well he wins in long sets”. You know the best thing about these (exhibition, money, casual set) matches. There is no immediate finality. It doesn’t invoke any sort of panic. Thus gives you this sense of relaxation “Well bro I can use all these games to get comfortable” nah son that is why tournaments were made. What makes a Champion or a great player is when they can beat the odds when they aren’t relaxed or comfortable. Its not about your comfort zone this is the jungle.

Most of the people who talk about “PLAY ME IN A LONG SET!” are the ones who can’t win or never do well in tournaments. If these players were actually as good as they claim to be they would be able to perform where it counts. Until we start a long set first to a BAJILLION MATCHES league then maybe it will mean something. As far as I am concerned its just casuals. These “long set” players just aren’t confident in their own abilities or lack thereof.

Watch Nemo get bodied here:

Shout out to the hypocrisy of the US fighting game community allowing NEMO to pop off on twitter just from winning money matches but he frequently gets his back blown out in tournament. If it were an american player doing the same thing oh boy the slander would be out in full effect.

“Lets downplay”

I want to talk about the frequency of the downplaying of overpowered characters. The people who usually do this are just fishing for props cause they want it to seem like they are so great of a player it isn’t the character its the player. I understand this however a lot of you are just full of crap. For example in Injustice we have Superman and Black Adam players pre patched acting like they were just so much better than everyone. In Street Fighter its really bad though cause you have Fei Long and Cammy players acting like they “need” the tools that they are presented with to win and pretend the characters aren’t that good. Then you have people who overrate characters and say they are too strong when they aren’t.

black-adam-injustice Injustice-Gods-Among-Us-Superman-vs-Sinestro-Trailer_2

The sad part is these players have absolutely no clue how to decipher what is or isn’t what I like to call and for lack of better term. BULLSHIT!

In Mortal Kombat you have Cyrax who literally has to hit you once and then maybe chip you a little bit and the match is over. The WORST amount of damage he can do is 50% and this is if he drops the combo.


In Injustice: Gods Among Us, Batgirl, Killer Frost, Sinestro are hella nonsense and I hate to say it Batman is too. They can dish out hella damage with safe offense and keep resetting you over and over until you die. Your best hope is to guess right during all of their mix ups where they are still at an advantage anyway. However these characters aren’t the problem noooo not in Injustice. Everyone believes MMH, Zod and Aquaman are the problems. While these characters are definitely at the top and possess their own BS. Nothing is worst than in a tournament to get hit by a reset character who has safe resets and pressure and is able to just keep rinse and repeating it over and over until you die.

These are just above examples. The point is guys if your shit is cheap just own up to it. Your shit is cheap! I have absolutely no shame in my game. If I am running some strategy that I feel is too good guess what I am going to say it is too damn good and laugh maniacally as I use it over and over.

At the end of the day everyone just wants props (props fishing) but the best way to do it is to win and say nothing…..but nah people are looking for extra credit.

“Its broken!”

I’m having a rough time lately with all of my controllers. Everything but my Xbox One pad and the Madcatz Round 2 TE stick for Xbox 360 is giving me a rough time. Well honestly the Xbox One controller sucks but its not faulty.

All my controllers I currently have are Afterglow PDP Xbox360 controllers. All of them are broken in one way or another. My dual modded pad for whatever reason the wire itself keeps shorting out. My green pad directional input doesn’t register the left or right directions consistently. My spare blue pad (which is what I am trying to play on right now) the right bumper is broke it is stuck and lodged into the controller. The left bumper is going bad. I also have a red controller but its right bumper is stuck as well. I don’t know what is causing any of this. I don’t drop my controllers or anything I take great care of my stuff. This is getting ridiculous though. These controllers in my opinion are really good but they just aren’t durable for the test of time. Maybe my hands are just too godlike. /shrug


You could say “why don’t you just play on stick?” Honestly I am not comfortable on stick on certain games. For example for MK and SF I can play on stick or pad just fine but I mainly prefer stick for SF because of the button layout. For Injustice I prefer pad cause its really only a 4 button game with macros. This is the same as DOA which I prefer to play on pad. Killer Instinct I think I could play on pad or stick, but the Xbox One pad is terrible and I really don’t want to spend $200 on a stick right now after spending almost $600 on the Xbox One itself. Even though that stick looks hella sick. This one looks hella easier to mod and it just looks sexy. I want to hug it and stuff.


I wish someone could mod my original ps1 pad which is superior to every controller I have ever played on ever in life and just be done with it. I hear that costs $200 for the work I want done though =\.