Before I get into it. This will be a recurring segment on my site called “Complaints with Perfect Legend” where I look at topics and voice my concerns. Here it is Saturday 12/14/2013

Topics I will be going over in this post:

  •  Cronus MAX Adapter
  • Hypocritical praise of Killer Instinct and the disapproval of Dead or Alive
  • Current state of Injustice: Gods Among Us

Lets start with the Cronus MAX Adapter. Now no one was talking about these until we all realized we want to use our current gen controller/sticks on Killer Instinct for Xbox One. Now that Cronus Max has Xbox One compatibility everyone is all OMGWTFBBQ!1oneoneon1!!! all over the adapter. Well newsflash. Most tournament organizers are banning the Cronus Max adapter (and with good reason) from their tournaments.

Cronus Adapter causes a lot of problems with controller ports. Either it will waste your pcb inside of your controller/stick causing it to fry or it will destroy the controller port of the system you are playing on. Also have two Cronus Adapters being used at the same time can also cause an array of problems.

My complaint. Tired of seeing everyone talking about this new adapter whenever someone talks about the Xbox One pad sucks and they don’t want to spend 200-250 to buy a new arcade stick. They are banned at most major tournaments so unless you are hosting your own events they are a worthless buy. Better off getting a Xbox One mod for your controller/stick. Also Xbox One pad needs some work. I don’t understand how a company like microsoft can’t develop a good controller pad in what is it 10 years since the Xbox S Pad came out which was their best pad. They should just use that same pad and put the guide button on it smh. The triggers and shoulder buttons on Xbox One are atrocious!

The HYPOCRISY of Dead or Alive and Killer Instinct!!

Ah yes everyone loves Killer Instinct’s combo system but lets talk about how another game has an identical system and how it is slandered. I am talking about Dead or Alive.

The funny thing here is that everyone loves and I mean loves to hate Dead or Alive. Always citing the boobies etc and then lack of “depth” in the game mechanics. That is so funny because a lot of people don’t play Dead or Alive because of how long or how difficult that it is to learn cause there is so much to learn. I will cite that Killer Instinct used this system first since it released before the very first Dead or Alive but since KI has been on a hiatus for almost 20 years DOA has gotten closest to perfecting the system.

The system I am talking about is the combo system. Both games behave the same with just a little differences. In Dead or Alive if you stun/stagger someone on counter hit or certain attacks on normal hit. You cause a critical state where the opponent cannot block the next attack however they have to read you (or lack of better term guess right) and use the defensive hold always called counter or reversal by many to stop your offense. However when the defender successfully lands a hold they take damage from you.

Also another option on the defenders end, when they don’t want to hold they can opt to what is called a “Slow Escape” which is pretty much mashing all buttons and directions to escape the stun. Some stuns are too deep to allow you to slow escape a hit and guard. Some stuns you slow escape won’t allow you to escape entirely but you can play damage control. Instead of getting hit by a critical burst you can choose to just get hit by a launcher. Another thing I must mention, when you are launched into the air for a juggle you cannot escape and it is guaranteed damage. Whenever you land a throw or a hold as well the damage is guaranteed.

Every character in the game has different holds. Holds that lead to a set up, juggle, knockdown, environmental damage etc. Now if the offender reads, guesses right or reacts according to the defender trying to use a reversal/hold/counter to escape and dish out some damage they can be punished with either using a different hit level attack or a throw.  Also depending how far a long you are in the Critical State you can hit the opponent with what is called a Critical Burst, this allows one more hit but this hit is guaranteed and not escapable as the other hits in the stun are and it will dish out Hi Counter damage.

Hi Counter damage and is the highest damage modifier you can achieve. This itself comes from whenever you successfully land a blow, throw or hold against the opposite of their respective triangle system.

For example Blow > Throw, Throw > Hold and Hold > Blow. The only difference in this is that Holds require timing to get Hi Counter damage and the window for the timing has been shortened over the years in Dead or Alive. This was a major complaint for some time so it was handled (shout out to Scandal).

There are a handful of ways to get guaranteed damage in Dead or Alive. In the Critical State you have stuns that are called sit down and they don’t allow the opponent to hold for a duration, there are also limbo stuns which behave the same way and pretty much any back turned stun. I went over Critical Burst which doesn’t allow you to hold or slow escape either. Now the other way to get guaranteed damage outside of what was already mention as well as Holds and Throws. You can use the environment to your advantage and hit the opponent into a wall. After a wall hit your combo is guaranteed.

I have given you a bit of how Dead or Alive works so now let me explain how Killer Instincts combo system works:

Killer Instinct when you start a combo the opponent can combo breaker you depending on the hit strength of the attack you are doing. The defender has to read, react or guess depending on what is going on so they can an attempt a breaker. If they are wrong on a breaker they will be locked out for a duration for you to land additional hits and use your ender so that your damage counts. Also you can use a counter breaker for when you think they will attempt a breaker so you will get a lockout as well.

The options you have other than baiting a breaker with a lock out is to use “manuals” which are technically delaying your combo instead of going for “autos”. Autos are easier to break than manuals because they are two hits instead of one and they also don’t require any timing. Manuals require timing and they are harder to read and react to because of how there will be a big gap from hit to hit. Another option you can stop your combo and go for a reset but you forfeit all of your damage you may have accumulated and since you didn’t go for an ender then the health will regenerate.

Also this rule is true for both games. The shorter your combo the harder it is to escape cause they have 1 or 2 chances but the longer your combo the more chances they have to escape your combo.

Both of these games relatively work the same in the stun. Killer Instinct has lock outs. Dead or Alive has damage amplifiers with using the Triangle System of Blow, Throw, Holds.

Killer Instinct has combo breakers. Dead or Alive has defensive holds and slow escape.

Killer Instinct has lockouts. Dead or Alive has Sit down/limbo stuns, Critical Burst and Environmental damage.

Its Perfect Legend complaint rant time

I am not at all trying to make this look like DOA has more to offer since some people will read this and say “omg there is all this stuff hes not covering with KI like Instinct, Shadow Linkers etc”

My main goal here is to show that both games are very similar and work the same. DOA however just has more instances for guaranteed damage. People shun DOA cause it lacks guaranteed damage but Killer Instinct is basically the same thing however it lacks guaranteed damage more than DOA does.

If you are going to disrespect DOA but respect KI you are a hypocrite. Either respect both or disrespect both. They work the exact same. Oh you want to say “well Combo breakers don’t take any damage like holds do so my offense is safe” sure your offense is safe. Combo breakers cause hard knock downs so hold this mix up on wake up and potentially guess wrong when you try to breaker then lose 50%. At least DOA gives you a wake up kick when you get knocked down so people have to back off.

Current State of Injustice Gods Among Us

For a while honestly this game wasn’t hype for me. I’m not sure how if it was for others either. Superman f23 breathing on people. Backdash Adam made the game boring. Its no coincidence those players would fall off and not be able to perform outside of their local scenes. They were using GOD characters. Because the dragons have been slain we can finally see the game for what it is. Its fun.

Yea it doesn’t have the traditional walk speed and footsies of other games but it has its own. Instead of walking in and out of poke range to just press buttons to make someone whiff. You have to dash in and out and make good spacing on your jumps and dashes or you will be interrupt. If anything the footsie range is just a bit longer in this game than it is in other games.

For example one of my main characters is Doomsday. I want to get in the range where if I use Venom it will hit you if you aren’t blocking. Venom also looks a lot like his regular forward dash so I can use this as a way to keep you honest and guessing. When I dash in I can opt to grab, d1 cancel to earth shake or jump in splash. I can also choose to get a life lead and whenever you try to dash in I can interrupt you with d1, shoulder or whatever move I want to use to intercept your approach. There is also trait management but I don’t want to go too in depth.

Because characters were normalized a lot of the cast is usable and that makes Injustice a very fun game to watch on stream. This latest patch has added I believe years of life to the game. There is a lot to it with interactables (despite me not liking them at times) stage selection as well as character selection. Chars have stages they are better on and have strategies on that could make a lopsided match in their favor and vice versa. Its cheap but thats the game!

I for one have been enjoying the game a lot more once I got over Scorpion’s meter burn teleport punch being punishable. I just won’t use him as much anymore. Its really annoying because he needs that. -6 makes more sense than -8.

Also all of this nonsense I keep hearing about how Martian Manhunter is the “Kabal of the game” is silly. He is nowhere near as good as Kabal in Mortal Kombat. Hell Kabal wasn’t as good as people say he was in Mortal Kombat. The real problem is Cyrax but everyone wants to act like a character with easy practical 80% combos and 50% if he “messes up” is fair. Its not like he is moving  at a snails pace either he had great dash speed, good wake ups. He could steal your meter and had unbreakable unblockables……dude come on son.

Anyway Martian I think loses to odd balls characters as well as some top tier characters. People need to get real and find out who the real top characters in the game are. I won’t say here cause I don’t want everyone running to that or those characters.

I like the game its fun to play and its great to watch.

STOP PLAYING THIS GAME ON PS3. Are you seriously telling me that a system that causes clear obvious slow down during background explosions or whatever shit in the background that decides to fall apart causing frame rate drops as well as making your inputs disappear out of the game…….Legit for competition? Dude don’t tell me “bro you dropped the combo” when you see me never ever miss it. Are you telling me or someone that we are too stupid to do jump 3 cancel into special? Really? Stahp.

Injustice requires a system that has stable hardware aka Xbox 360 to run this game. Hell maybe PC but I doubt a lot of people have this game for PC at the moment and I am not recommending going to get a PS4 just to play Injustice at tournaments.

No more PS3 tournaments. Thank you. Everyone owns a 360 by now and if you don’t trade in your PS3 to get one.

Also stop with this “this player is the guy to beat” or “this player is unstoppable” comments. Its stupid especially since we have been playing a different version of this game for a month then we get a new patch etc etc. The same game we were playing at EVO is not the same game we were playing at UFGT or TFC. So stop it. This is a new game and the slate has been wiped clean.

In closing…………

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