Tekken 8 Announcement Reveal Trailer!

I cried when I watch this trailer. In the middle of the battle I snapped. I thought about the first time ever playing Tekken till now. All the things I’ve learned throughout the years. The friends I’ve made and met through the Tekken series. Waiting for the right time to be able to compete. I predict the netcode will be great on release. I hope we get cross play. Tekken 8 will be a main tournament game for me.

Let’s get ready for the next generation! (Yes this means more Tekken 7 streams from me!)

I taught the 1st ever fighting game class!


“A perfect class for beginner-to-intermediate fighting game players, PerfectLegend’s class will approach fighting game techniques and mindset from a more general point-of-view, giving you tools you can use to excel in any fighting game.”

  • Fundamentals
  • Utilize Training Modes
  • Mindset and Decision Making

The class was engaging and well received! I look forward to teaching more classes soon!

Flawless Victory MultiVersus 2v2

Last weeks MultiVersus doubles tournament was full of hype matches and top notch teamwork.

Tune in this week to see what will go down this Friday or join in the fun by entering with a partner.

Don’t want to play but love to watch? You can still win. Hang out in chat for a chance to win a giveaway!

Sign up here: https://tonamel.com/competition/f9Eug

If you miss the live stream you can catch the clips on https://freshcut.gg/perfectlegend !