With #Evo2022 around the corner

Here’s a FGC Strategy Guide to help you:

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Special Ends the day after #evo2022 (August 8th)

MultiVersus Open Beta is Here!

MultiVersus is free to play in local play with every character & perk available.

Lebron James has joined the MultiVersus cast. See my gameplay footage with him on FreshCut

Like Iron Giant he is banned for EVO but I tried him out and there is no way he is not top tier.

For Everything Competitive Multiversus

The MultiVersus launch has been amazing and the player base is speaking loudly with the game being Free to Play & Cross Play reaching a player peak never seen before in modern times and breaking the top 10 games on PC/Steam with 100k+ players!

In Competitive MultiVersus, 50% of the game is character selection and perks. Since the primary competitive format is balanced around 2v2’s you and your partner need to have good knowledge of your characters and perks to create a strong strategy. If you go into a match without the right combination it can be overwhelming.

Playing in the Justice League invitational recently is what brought that to my attention. It confirmed just how powerful your perk knowledge can make or break a win for you and your team.

Don’t sleep on stacking your perks with your teammate.

We didn’t that time and we got bodied but have made the adjustments for EVO2022!

Thoughts on DNF Duel


  • Great fighting game.
  • Every character feels like a boss character
  • Fun to play and to watch for spectators.
  • Guard Break, Dodge, Guard Cancel, Guard Button, Awakening, Exhaustion are all fun mechanics


  • Safe Jumps after a long combo into instant overhead/low mix-up for more pressure is too much.
  • Your opponent gets two opportunities to hit you after landing a combo before you can begin to play the game again. You already hit me and did a combo why do you get all of this continued offense without needing to spend any resources. Your only way out is to make a hard read with a reversal and unless you are Hitman with a + on block reversal that goes into a big combo you are guessing with a life bar.


  • I hope they remove safe jumps from the combo ending knockdowns and or speed up reversals.
  • Add a guard cancel roll like King of Fighters
  • Decrease the meter cost for guard cancel.

So far in tournament for DNF Duel. I have a tournament win during the final beta, 5th in CanOpener last week and 7th for this week. I need to clean up some situations that are tough to lab.

Which situations? Round Start specifically for one. It’s hard to lab cause you can’t set up the round start situation properly in DNF so I have to lab it by playing a match and having the opponent do their fastest move at the very beginning to see if it wins or loses vs my fastest reaching normal. Recently I fought Vanguard and didn’t know he had a button that was faster than all of mine. Also labbing if I can dodge through certain parts of his block strings. Then its also getting used to and playing the match ups I don’t get to play against often. With Crusader being so frail defensively. I don’t mean his HP which I’m aware is the most in the game but I mean he is susceptible to instant overhead/low mix ups cause he is tall, can be grabbed out of his reversal and attacked from different angles avoiding it all together so you have to really pick your spots with him. We will see if I can close these holes in time.

I’ll continue playing but for EVO2022 since it is a side tournament it will not be my focus which are still Mortal Kombat 11 & MultiVersus for this event.

TV FGC Interview

I sit down with TVFGC for an interview to discuss everything past, present & future of the FGC.

EVO Schedule & Brackets are up!

I’m looking forward to playing this year! To think we haven’t been to EVO in 3 years wow.

FGC Tips to help you with your training!

See you at EVO or on stream before I go!