– Hydrating/Eating.

At events, there is a lot of standing and walking.

You will have a schedule and depending on how deep you go in the bracket it can go on for hours.

This can drain you as in-person tournaments start in the morning and end at night.

Not the same as playing comfortably at home.

I recommend drinking water. Sugar can cause you to crash so don’t have too much or stay away from it in my opinion.

Not drinking anything can give you a headache and so make sure you consume something.

Staring at screens all day and being at events can tire you out.

You want to be hydrated and sharp.

You don’t want to eat a big meal before an event.

Keep it light to medium. Drink a lot of water with the meal so you don’t overeat.

You need enough for the energy but not so much that makes you sluggish.

Only a snack may be necessary or nothing at all.

Eating at the end of the event day is good.

Management of your intake is a key factor in performance.

– Being ready for your tournament path

When I first began competing you weren’t able to see your bracket or know who you were fighting until the tournament began.

Now you can see the full path of your bracket all the way to the grand final.

Take advantage of this.

If you don’t already know then you must figure out your game plan for each opponent in your path.

Being prepared means being practiced for all the possibilities you will run into in the bracket.

Be ready for all the matchups. The good and the bad for your character(s).

Knowing and executing your game plan instead of getting afraid or doubting yourself goes far for winning the bad matchups where there is a chance for you to win. There will be times when you will be locked into a bad matchup. And strong players will be studying their brackets as much as you.

So study up.

What do you do when you run across an opponent using a strategy/character you are unprepared for?

You get your game plan started before theirs by being more aggressive.

And make sure you are warmed up to play.

– Warming Up

Please tell me you aren’t one of those people who starts their car and drives off without letting the engine run. If so then you will be visiting a mechanic soon.

To play in a tournament without warming up is equivalent. Don’t spend all your time and resources traveling to an event and not be as prepared as possible when it’s your turn to play.

Many players’ best games aren’t their first games. If yours are then hats off but relying on that isn’t going to work in the long run. If you knew insert top player here was playing warm-up games before you had to face off don’t act like you aren’t about to try to get practice games in beforehand.

Warming up lets you play closest to your best game. Seeing yourself executing what you practiced gives you a confidence boost. Get practice by entering more tournaments to boost your confidence.

Upcoming Tournaments!

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