In Fighting Games at least on the competitive tournament circuit front, a lot of us use different lingo and abbreviations when speaking about strategies in text and vocally.

For example we don’t say A B X Y or Triangle, Square, Circle, X.

In Street Fighter will say: Standing Jab or st.jab for short and we will also say Light punch or lp which is the same thing just depends on who you are talking to if they say so or not.

In Tekken we don’t say: Right Punch/Kick, Left Punch/Kick. We instead say 1,2,3,4. If you look at the button layout you can totally understand where each button is.

These are just examples but below I will list all of the abbreviations for some popular tournament games.

Street Fighter:

– First row: Jab/Light Punch, Strong/Medium Punch, Hard/Heavy Punch
– Bottom row: Short/Light Kick, Forward/Medium Kick, Roundhouse/Heavy Kick


– First row: Left Punch/1, Right Punch/2

– Bottom row: Left Kick/3, Right Kick/4, Tag

Mortal Kombat:

– First row: Left Punch/1, Right Punch/2, Throw

– Bottom row: Left Kick/3, Right Kick/4, Block

Injustice: Gods Among Us

– First row: Light/1, Medium/2, Throw, Interact

– Bottom row: Heavy/3, Power/4, Meter Burn


7 8 9

4 5 6

1 2 3

ub  u  uf

b    n   f

db  d   df

ub = Up/Back

u = Up

uf = Up/Forward

b = Back

n = Neutral

f = Forward

db = Down/Back

d = Down

df = Down/Forward
I hope this helps you guys understand the lingo better!