Arturo “NYC Furby” Sanchez remoted in to optimize my PC with the FGC OS for playing fighting games & content creation.

You might’ve thought OS stood for Option Select here but not this time haha.

FGC OS stands for Fighting Game Community Optimizing System.

The process went very smooth! No complaints. Best tech support: GLOBAL STATUS

My PC previously was as optimized as I could get it before this and I’ll say this doesn’t compare. Thanks Art!

Below is a tier list and thoughts on the different kinds of latency and what should be the standard.

Latency Tierlist

-The Standard-

S: Optimized PC(FGC OS)
A tier; CRT/Retro Gaming/MiSTer FPGA
A- tier Xbox Series X/S – Unoptimized PC, PS5 with Input Latency Reduction + 120FPS

-Below Standard-

B: PC with vsync on / PS4 Pro
C: PS4

What are the benefits of an Optimized PC?
⦁ Can bypass internet lag and allows for you to experience the smoothest gameplay.
⦁ Can see full animations letting you react and defend better.
⦁ Random fast moves will be easier to defend against even when you are not ready.
⦁ Your inputs are cleaner and more consistent. Drops don’t happen due to hardware instability.
⦁ Throw escaping, blocking mix ups all become more consistent.

I cannot go back to playing on console until they bring the speeds up to being on par with optimized PC. I haven’t played on CRT timing in quite sometime. I thought PC how I was playing before was good but no this is next level. Not only is it smooth all the time it damn near bypasses internet lag between you and your opponent. I’m sitting here reacting and defending everything. If I mess up its usually 100% my fault.

I played 3 games: Street Fighter V, Dragon Ball FighterZ & Mortal Kombat 11

In SFV, couldn’t be thrown. Could challenge everything easily. I might have challenged every jump in. Game was incredibly smooth. I didn’t feel like I could get opened up.

In DBFZ, I couldn’t be hit with anything random even a point blank random super dash. Inputs are way cleaner. I can’t remember dropping anything unless I had a brain fart.

In MK, I flawless blocked, blocked or ducked all projectiles. Even vs projectiles in weird ass timings. Didn’t work at all. Its a night and day difference.

SFV, MK11 & DBFZ Before Optimizations:

  • Projectiles & random moves in neutral will hit even when attempting to duck/block.
  • Unclean inputs, moves don’t come out or you get combo drops
  • Screen looks blurry and stutters
  • Hard to defend and challenge vs offense
  • Delay in inputs. Feels like you have to react ahead of time for interactions.

After Optimizations:

  • Defending all random projectiles/moves when I’m last second duck/blocking on reaction
  • Inputs are clean. moves come out when I want and I only drop combos when I have a brain fart or legit mess up.
  • Easier to defend vs offense cause the screen is clearer, no more stutters during animations.
  • Can see the full animation of something and react properly in time instead of having to guess or react ahead of time to interactions.
  • Move and block becomes more effective (all)
  • Block dashing consistency increases. (MK)
  • Movement in general is cleaner.
  • Input delay is gone so you can react as fast as humanly possible.

When players complain about combo drops at majors due to set ups and all that other stuff.

It is 100% the hardware they are playing on. This can be fixed by switching over to PC for all serious competitive events.

Capcom has already done it with Street Fighter. It is time for the rest of the communities to follow suit.

You mean to tell me these guys are gonna drop their bread and butter combos that they land in their sleep?

Nah. These players are world class.

Flying across the world to lose on an unstable set up is not only frustrating but demoralizing. Entire careers can be decided by factors outside of your control.

Everyone should push for consoles to bring up their hardware to be on par with PC’s timing. It’s time for the competitive integrity to return to #1. It is the foundation the scene was built upon. In the early days of EVO they would host the games on the arcade boards and CRTs even with the console versions available because they weren’t close to arcade perfect.

The Original EVO before the name changed from B series to EVO.

The first EVO I participated (2006) in I competed in Dead or Alive 4 and it was on a CRT.

I participated in the Championship Gaming Series back in 2008 and they had us playing on unoptimized set ups. Both the monitor and stream set ups were not optimized. The monitors themselves were 8-16 ms. I can’t remember the exact number but it was laggy. Their focus was to put on a show for TV. They didn’t care about our competitive environment which shows even more with how they changed our ingame rules and format to fit “For TV”.

The current situation is similar but remixed. It’s not just about being arcade perfect its about having zero lag.

Lag has no place in competition and it is unacceptable to play in under any circumstance.

However for years we didn’t have anything to compare timings. We just knew something was off when moving over to LCD’s from CRT. Thankfully there have been many tests done to get the data to back up the feelings. Example the PS4 controller is 250hz polling while the PS5 can be overclocked 8000hz polling! This allows you to react that much faster.

When games released on PS3/Xbox360/PS4/Xbox One there wasn’t a PC version for most games to be able to compare the latency. Thankfully with games releasing on PC and providing cross play we were able to start getting these tests to back up our claims.

Sacrificing competitive integrity should never be an option. A laggy set up is a laggy set up.

With that said I will go as far to say that any competitive format that doesn’t use the correct standard doesn’t hold any weight in the grand scheme.

Thank you for reading!

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